Georgetown Sweets offers a tasty retail tour

You like to buy? Do you like to snack? Get ready for a tasty retail ride!

The Georgetown Sweets Tour arrives this Saturday from noon to 5 pm, combining the best outlets with the most delicious bakeries, chocolate boats and ice cream parlors.

“We’re lovingly calling this the sweetest tour of Georgetown,” Georgetown Main Street CEO Rachel Shank told WTOP. “Ticket holders will come to Georgetown, pick up a beautifully merchandised gable box and map of all the destinations and their associated bakeries and have the opportunity to explore small businesses that may be off your radar.”

It will meet at the Chase Bank at P Street and Wisconsin Avenue from 12-3 p.m.

Following the map, your first stop will be the Green Almond Pantry.

“Our first stop is the southernmost point of our self-guided tour at the Green Almond Pantry,” said Shanks. “It’s a great little market tucked away on Grace Street in an incubator space, but they’re also a candy store…offering chocolate butter cookies.”

Second, you can enjoy baked goods while browsing Tuckernuck.

“They’re at 1053 Wisconsin, so still south of M Street, they’re paired with Bakeshop.”

The third stop offers international tea flavors at Ching Ching Cha.

“It’s a great hidden tea shop, they have all kinds of teacups, teapots, a wide variety of Chinese and Japanese teas,” Shank said. “They are paired with Call Your Mother.”

The fourth stop allows you to put on a brave face in Take Care.

“A skin care and facial beauty services store,” Shank said. “They are paired with Chaia.”

The fifth stop is Shop Made in DC for those who like to support local artisans.

“Newly relocated, most people know Shop Made in DC, they select all kinds of local products from DC manufacturers,” said Shank. “They are paired with District Donut.”

The sixth stop is great for all your shoe needs.

“Amazing sneaker store,” Shank said. “They’re paired with Petite Soeur, which is a chocolate shop, she makes pralines.”

The seventh stop is L’Enfant Gallery, a French store paired with French bread.

“A very old four-story antique store right on the corner of Wisconsin and P, just about everyone knows this iconic building,” Shank said. “They are combined with Fresh Baguette”.

The eighth stop is Ella Rue, where you can find all kinds of luxury items.

“A fancy thrift store,” Shank said. “They are paired with Dog Tag Bakery.”

Stop 9 is Just Paper & Tea for your handwriting and gift-giving needs.

“A stationery and gift shop,” Shank said. “They are paired with Kate Leopold.”

The tenth stop is The Phoenix, which you can explore while eating ice cream.

“One of the oldest retail stores in Georgetown,” said Shank. “They’re paired with Thomas Sweet, which is across the street, one of our favorite ice cream parlors in Georgetown.”

The eleventh stop is Bacchus Wine Cellar, where you can see cool artifacts.

“A very wide variety of wines,” said Shank. “The owner has one of the largest collections of Syrian artifacts outside of Syria. He immigrated from Syria many years ago and brought back an amazing collection of Syrian artifacts…displayed in the store. …combined with Patisserie Poupon”.

Finally, stop number 12 is Pillar and Post for a little taste of the Union Jack.

“A British antique shop,” said Shank. “There are brands in this store that you can’t find anywhere else in the United States. She is paired with Olivia Macaron.”

Regardless, you can enjoy a discount at Cafe Georgetown on N Street NW.

“They’re one of the few coffee shops that can custom print on your (mug),” Shank said. “It has to be cow’s milk because it foams in a different way, but you can print any kind of image or logo you want on those drinks. Those will have a 15% discount for all our attendees. Plus, all of our attendees will receive a free hot or iced coffee.”

Individual tickets are $35 or you can get a group of four tickets for $125. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Listen to our full conversation here.

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