Gentler Streak Improves Activity Path Tracking, 50% Off Black Friday Deals

Gentler Streak, the Apple Watch app that brings empathy to people’s fitness goals by helping them understand when to exercise and when to rest, just got a new update with a 50% discount on its annual membership plan in celebration of Black Friday.

According to its release notes, Gentler Streak version 2.7.3 finally offers a Streak in Activity Path. If you’re already a user of this app, you probably noticed that the workouts logged in the 10-day activity path were connected with a single dot. It changed to a single gentle streak.

The developers have now explained the reason for this change:

Whenever you stay within your recommended activity level, the dots connect, creating a gentle streak! When you fall/fly out of it, the streak breaks. It wants to inspire you to be green.

Contrary to Apple’s view on discontinuing Apple Watch rings, Gentler Streak believes users should stay on a healthy activity path, meaning they don’t need to complete the rings to meet their fitness goals.

It’s one of the few apps that proactively recommends workouts based on your logged workouts and recommends resting before running or overexerting yourself at the gym.

Plus, Gentler Streak now makes it easy to follow on social media by offering a quick link to its Twitter, Instagram and Reddit pages.

The app also brings improvements in the following features:

  • Activity Chart: When comparing the two periods, there is a new look;
  • Rest icon: The rest of the advice has undergone a change;
  • Insights: The app has revamped the Insights tab with expert knowledge to help users achieve their fitness goals;
  • Complexity: Now refresh directly after workout
  • Apple Watch App: The heart rate zone chart during an activity has been tweaked.

If you’re a Gentler Streak subscriber or considering joining the app, it’s offering 50% off its annual plan, which includes family sharing for five people. The offer runs until Cyber ​​Monday, but new users always have 48 hours to subscribe at 50% off.

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