Game book on laptop

Matt Ofalea produced the four and a half minute video below for Matt Taibbi last March. In a TK News/Substack post, Taibbi reviews the video, “YouTube Reality Sensor Amplifies Disinformation: Part 1.” Subhead: “YouTube has censored this site for accuracy, but new news today highlights that they continue to spread fake news.” As Taibbi tells the story in his post: “[Orfalea] did an exceptional job in March on the video [below]compiled clips of people who went on air and confidently declared the laptop to be a ‘fake’, ‘altered or fake’, ‘pure distraction’ and, of course, ‘RUSSIA IS EASY’.

Taibbi revisits the above video in connection with the CBS News story, which we focused on in part. Two years after the fact, CBS News announced Hunter Biden’s laptop as reported by the New York Post. Orfalea’s masterful video compilation is an illustration of the Democrat/Deep State/Trash Media alliance we and others have observed many times before, but the video is a work of art.

There is only one cheat credit in the video. In anticipation of what will be a long holiday weekend for some, I’d like to invite readers to identify all the talking heads featured in the video and send me the list. [email protected] Maybe we can give credit where there is credit time. They gave a great performance.

Taibbi, November 18 “Election Denial” For Me, But Not For You: YouTube Still Censors TK-Produced Videos Despite Factual Accuracy.” Subtitle: “Matt Orfalea Didn’t Lie, Change Clips, Or Main Context he didn’t delete it. He made factual edits and just got admonished for it. Welcome to post-Trump America, where the truth is a censorable crime.” David Strom addresses Taibbi’s larger points in his excellent hot-air post, “YouTube: Purveyor of Disinformation.” if not check these posts too.