Gabby Petito trial: Laundrie’s lawyer claims parents ‘did everything the right way’

Chris and Roberta Laundrie’s attorney says he “has no regrets” about the way they behaved during the Gabby Petito murder investigation.

Attorney Steve Bertolino said NewsNation Host Brian Entin the Laundries “did everything the right way,” even though they refused to speak to Ms. Petito’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, and blocked her cellphone number in the days after he learned that her daughter had disappeared.

An FBI investigation found that Ms. Petito was strangled by Brian Laundrie and her body was left in a national park in Wyoming. She returned to her parents’ home in North Port, Florida, before committing suicide on a reservation near her home.

Bertolino’s comments came hours after Petito’s parents appeared in court Wednesday for the first hearing in a civil lawsuit alleging that the laundromats made misleading claims that their daughter was still alive when they knew their son was alive. Brian had already killed her.

During a tense exchange, Nation News Mr. Entin challenged the attorney for his lack of cooperation with the police investigation.

“They really didn’t do anything at all, did they? Couldn’t they have gone out and begged the world, ‘if you know where Gabby is, come closer, if you know where Brian is, come closer.’ Why couldn’t they have done that?” Mr. Entin asked.

NewsNation’s Brian Entin Questions Laundrie Family Attorney Steve Bertolino

(News Nation)

Bertolino responded by saying that the Laundromats had consistently told law enforcement that his son had gone to the Carlton Reservation, which is where his remains were ultimately located.

“They knew where Brian was. What’s the use of arguing something when you know the answer? Bertolino argued.

Mr. Entin questioned the lawyer about the advice he had given him to remain silent even as demonstrators gathered for daily protests in front of the family’s home.

“Although you protected them legally, do you think you made any mistakes along the way since they are now hated by the world in many ways?” Mr. Entin asked.

Mr. Bertolino responded that the laundry “did everything the right way and has no regrets.”

“We’re not happy that Brian (Laundrie) is gone, we’re not happy that Gabby is gone, but we’re very comfortable with the decisions that we’ve made,” he said.

Ms. Petito’s parents are suing the Laundromats in Florida’s Sarasota County Circuit Court alleging that Chris and Roberta Laundrie deliberately concealed that their son had killed the vlogger before she was reported missing.

Nichole Schmidt rubbed a heart-shaped locket containing Gabby Petito’s ashes during Wednesday’s hearing.

(Fox News/Screenshot)

Her mother, Nichole Schmidt, held a necklace containing her Mrs Petito’s ashes during Wednesday’s court hearing to decide whether the trial can proceed.

The Petitos’ attorney, Pat Reilly, cited a statement made by Mr. Bertolino on September 16 as search parties combed Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming looking for Ms. Petito.

His remains were found in a shallow grave near the park on September 19.

Reilly claimed that the laundromats had deliberately released a false statement when they knew she was not alive.

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