From August 2023, 300 drug brands will have a QR code or bar code

Some of India’s top medical brands, which include generics like Calpol, Allegra and Gelusil, must have QR or barcodes from August 2023.

In total, the list includes 300 brands covering segments such as pain relievers, contraceptives, vitamins, blood sugar and hypertension drugs.

According to the Center’s order on November 17, under the new Medicines Or Drugs (Eighth Amendment) Rules, it will be mandatory to display QR codes on the packaging from August 1, 2023. help check if drugs are counterfeit.

“Manufacturers of medicinal products as specified in Schedule H2 shall print or affix a Barcode or Quick Response Code on the second package label that stores software-readable information and data to facilitate identification,” the Union Health Ministry said in a notification.

Some of the other popular brands included in the list are: Volini, Stamlo, T-Bact ointments, Montair and Fabiflu. Sources said that the top selling brands were selected on the basis of their annual turnover (MAT).

The information to be provided includes the unique product identification code, the proper and generic name of the drug, the brand name, the name and address of the manufacturer, the batch number, the date of manufacture, the expiry date and the manufacturing license number.

Similar practices (the presence of barcodes) are used in some western countries, including Great Britain, the United States and others.