Former Apple Inventor Describes How His VR Patent Works To Solve Car Motion Sickness

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YouTube personality Mark Rober discussed his time at Apple, including the reasoning behind his work on a long-rumored virtual augmented display patent for the Apple Car.

Mark Rober is best known as a YouTube star, teaching science with cool experiments and explaining the principles involved. He is less well known as a former Apple employee who came up with an idea that could end up being used in the Apple Car.

In a clip from the waveform podcast, Rober tells MKBHD how he worked at Apple while also gaining fame on Google’s video platform.

During the video, Rober talks about the patent for an “augmented virtual display,” which could be used inside a vehicle. The patent basically describes a virtual reality system where the user is in a car, and the system takes into account the movement of the vehicle.

Citing how 40% of people suffer from some form of motion sickness, Rober asks, “Wouldn’t it be interesting if you could use virtual reality to solve that, because motion sickness is when your internal gyroscope doesn’t match what is your eye? seeing, that’s why if you’re in the back seat and you can’t see ahead, you get dizzy because you don’t know what’s going on.”

If it could know the movements of the vehicle and show it to the user in virtual reality, “they could potentially not get seasick,” he adds.

With the advent of self-driving cars, Rober reckons people will have “all this free time, but if you get dizzy, there’s nothing you can do with it.” Proposing VR or AR as the use of sunglasses instead of headsets, such as the so-called Apple Glass, Rober offers users who could work on a laptop because the screen could be on a false horizon with the screen in the sky, like “no one gets seasick looking beyond the horizon”.

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