Ford has recalled more than half a million SUVs due to fire hazards

2021 ford bronco sport hero image

Ford has recalled more than half a million Escape and Bronco Sport SUVs in the U.S. due to fire hazards. About 114,000 vehicles from other countries were also affected.

The issue centers on a faulty fuel injector and affects 2020 to 2023 Escapes (333,342 US vehicles in total) and 2021 to 2023 Bronco Sports (188,436 US vehicles in total) that come with the 3-cylinder, 1.5-liter engine.

In a filing with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, Ford said: “A fuel injector may crack, causing fuel and/or fuel vapor to migrate near the ignition source and/or accumulate, resulting in a possible under-hood fire. .”

It added: “A fuel leak can cause a fuel smell both outside and inside the vehicle. If the fuel leak starts a fire that progresses, the customer may see smoke or flames coming from the engine compartment or underside.”

According to Reuters, Ford has so far received 54 reports of 1.5-liter under-hood fires. Four of them involved cracked fuel injectors, while about 13 were due to possible fuel injector leaks. No fatalities have been linked to the issue.

The US auto giant said the root cause of the problem is still under investigation.

Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by mail and asked to take their vehicle to a Ford or Lincoln dealer.
Update the engine control software to include fuel injector leak detection and install a drain tube, Ford says, work that will be done free of charge.

Because only 1% of the recalled vehicles are estimated to be affected by the defect, Ford is not advising owners of the recalled SUVs to stop driving their vehicles.

Ford owners who want to know if their vehicle is listed for this or any other recall can visit the automaker’s website and enter their vehicle’s unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The page also includes information on how to contact Ford customer service, as well as a tool to help you find your nearest Ford dealer.

Earlier this year, Ford recalled nearly 100,000 SUVs for a fire risk due to crankshaft machining problems, while another involved half a million vehicles over safety issues involving windshield wipers.

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