Focus on sustainable urban planning

The goal of this year’s theme is to raise awareness of family-friendly and sustainable urban policies.

Every year on May 15, the world celebrates the International Day of Families. The main goal of the day is to raise awareness of the issues facing families and to increase understanding about all the other factors that influence a family as a whole.

The day also takes into account the economic, demographic and social dynamics that affect families in multiple ways.

International Day of Families 2022: Theme

The United Nations, which is leading the celebrations of the International Day of Families, has chosen “Families and Urbanization” as the theme for 2022. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable and family-friendly urban policies.

The concept of urbanization is shaping the world and the well-being of families worldwide. As a result, having a sustainable approach that is in sync with urbanization will help nations grow and develop.

After all, the world will only grow and prosper if families, their socio-economic conditions and their well-being are taken care of.

International Day of Families: Importance

The main reason for celebrating this day is to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of families and their values ​​in shaping the world.

It was back in the 1980s when the United Nations decided to focus on issues related to families. In 1983, the Commission for Social Development urged the United Nations Secretary-General, in a resolution, to raise awareness among policymakers and the general public about the needs and problems facing families.

In 1993, the General Assembly declared May 15 as the International Day of Families.

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