Five minutes with AC Agra, The Goodsline’s new Executive Chef

Since last year, The Goodsline, a cafe owned by Jack Hanna (former co-owner of popular destinations The Grounds of Alexandria and The Grounds of Sydney) has been up and running on the Pyrmont Peninsula. Now things are going one step further with the appointment of AC Agra as head chef.

After more than a decade as a chef in the Philippines, Agra moved to Australia and spent several years at Mosman’s classic Bathers’ Pavilion, most recently as head chef. Now, he’s putting haute cuisine touches on café standards. Smoked salmon rosti are spread with egg yolk marmalade and caviar, eggs Benedict are slathered in a truffled bechamel sauce, and scrambled eggs are enhanced with chorizo, togarashi and miso butter. At lunchtime, there’s a sandwich of slow-cooked lamb short ribs and beet pastrami with stracciatella. This is what he has planned for coffee.

What is your new job title?
Executive chef. I am responsible for creating a seasonal sit down breakfast and lunch menu as well as a take out menu for our corporate clients. I am also very hands on in the kitchen, managing my team and constantly exploring new menu ideas.

Why did you decide to move to The Goodsline?
Serving breakfast and lunch is very different for me, coming from a haute cuisine environment where we did menus and tastings. The Goodsline is an exciting yet challenging opportunity to create a refined breakfast and lunch menu offering.

I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work alongside Jack Hanna, a visionary and veteran in the hospitality industry.

Do you have any fun plans or ideas for your new role?
I’m so excited to curate modern interpretations of breakfast and lunch classics. I like it to be fun without being too fancy. In the future, we also plan to host special dinners on site.

Will you bring any dishes or ideas that you are known for?
The food I create is a reflection of my years of working in different hospitality venues and learning from different chefs that I have worked with. And I have always been fascinated by the variety of products that Australia has to offer, and it has been my inspiration in my kitchen.

Will we see any great ideas or dishes that you think will excite diners?
We recently launched our winter menu. Top three favorites of our guests include the miso butter chorizo ​​scrambled eggs, the avruga smoked salmon rosti [caviar] and umami egg yolk jam, and puffed lamb with quinoa encrusted with cavolo nero. Soon, I’ll be doing regular fun specials that I’m sure diners will find exciting. Truffle season is coming, and I have good dishes prepared for it.

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