FIFA to allow rainbow hats and flags at World Cup stadiums in Qatar | World News

FIFA has confirmed fans will be allowed to wear rainbow hats and carry rainbow flags after they were confiscated before the 1-1 draw with the USA earlier this week.

The Football Association of Wales said the games would go ahead Qatar have been contacted and instructed to adhere to agreed rules and regulations, including at the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium in Al Rayman, where the Dragons will face Iran in their second Group B match at 10am (UK time).

The statement added: “The FAW is calling FIFA to follow the message that everyone is welcome in Qatar World Cup and continues to highlight any other human rights issues.

“We believe that football is for everyone.”

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The deal, particularly between FIFA and the FAW, comes after the governing body’s handling of the first week of the tournament. LGBTQ+ symbols.

There is FIFA threatened to order the captains of the team who wears OneLove armbands, who advocate inclusivity.

All eyes will be on the Wales and England players to see if they can chase down Germany’s lead and make their pre-match stops.

Germany’s players covered their mouths during a team photo before their 2-1 loss to Japan and stopped trying to wear rainbow OneLove armbands, chanting “FIFA is silencing us”.

England boss Gareth Southgate did not rule out his team making the gesture to highlight human rights concerns ahead of the game against the United States, but said they would not be pressured to do so.

That match will start at 19:00 at Al-Beit Stadium in Al-Khor.

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Seven European nations competing in the World Cup, including Germany, England and Wales, planned to wear OneLove anti-discrimination armbands during the tournament. however, they were discouraged from doing so after the threat of sporting sanctions from FIFA.

Southgate said: “I think we have to be comfortable knowing what we’re standing for.

“That’s not to say we won’t do anything going forward if the time is right, but I think we’re in a rush to see if we’re doing something, we might make a mistake that’s not good.”

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FAW chief executive Neil Mooney said rainbow bucket hats and flags should never be confiscated from football fans.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, he said the FAW was “horrified” to hear rainbow bucket hats had been bought from supporters and staff in Qatar.

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The story of the Qatar World Cup

According to him, FAW wrote a letter to FIFA and noted that they were “promised an open and inclusive World Cup”.

“Thankfully, they got back in writing in the last few hours so that our fans can wear rainbow-related clothing tomorrow, including bucket hats,” he said.

“We’re glad fans can do that. They should never have been confiscated in the first place.

“We got it in writing from FIFA that they can wear whatever they want.”