Featured Electorate: CHISHOLM (VIC) | the shovel

Location: Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, around Box Hill and Mt Waverly

caught by: Gladys Liu (Liberal Party)

Main opponent: his memory

Margin: 0.5% (ultramarginal)

Profile: Gladys Liu once said she couldn’t remember if she had been a member of the Chinese communist-linked ‘United Front Work Department’ between 2003 and 2015, or if she had met a suspected Chinese spy with whom she was photographed sitting in 2016.

He later claimed that he could not remember if he was a member of Chisholm, admitted that he had heard of the electorate but claimed that he was unaware of their day-to-day activities. Surprisingly, she is only the second most forgetful person named Gladys in Australia.

Liu won Chisholm in the 2019 election by a very narrow margin. It was later revealed that he had installed Chinese signs in the voting booths, designed to resemble official AEC signs, reading “the right way to vote is liberal”. In a post-election court case, the Liberal Party agreed that the sign was misleading, but no more misleading than another sign next to it reading “Scott Morrison: A Leader You Can Trust.”

Without the ‘trick people into voting Liberal’ strategy at his disposal in this election, Chisholm is inclined to go Labor this time. Labor candidate Carina Garland is a former union official, one of 400 former union officials running for office in the Labor Party. As a grassroots candidate, she understands the needs of everyday Australian union officials looking to transition to Labor Party candidates.

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