Father of six-year-old boy who ran a marathon with his family speaks out after backlash

Ben Crawford, father of the six-year-old boy who ran a marathon with his family, has spoken out amid criticism for letting the boy participate, explaining his version of events and defending his family’s decision.

“We had concerns except this is something we’ve been working on for nine years, we’ve run marathons as a family with all of our other kids… and they all finished the marathon with no hassles or worries,” Mr. Crawford told him. Sky News Australia presenter Piers Morgan.

“And about a year before this marathon, she saw her sisters run and at that moment she begged us to be a part of this.

“And we said well, if you’re willing to train for it and as long as we run alongside you and watch you all the way, we have no problem with you participating in this activity because I think it’s good for you and we think it’s good for our family.

He said that the day after the marathon ended, his six-year-old son was “jumping on the trampoline” and asking if he would do a half-marathon again in a few days plus the same one next year.

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