Farm-Fresh Food-Agribusiness Raises Over 3.2 Cr in Seed Round Led by Inflection Point Ventures

Fresh From Farm aims to change the dynamics of fruit and vegetable production through targeted, data-driven predictive analytics, resulting in less food waste and better nutrition for all.

The funds raised will help the company with team building, inventory management, capital expenditure, research and development and branding.

IPV has so far invested over Rs. 520 Cr on 140+ deals

Food-Agri Business start-up Fresh From Farm raised over 3.2 Cr in Seed Round led by Inflection Point Ventures. Fresh From Farm is a demand and data-driven aggregation ecosystem that recognizes retail demand trends and charges the exact amount from farmers. Growing and sourcing fresh produce, Fresh From Farm distributes it through a multi-channel online and physical presence while building a clear brand strategy. The funds raised will help the company in team building, inventory management, capital expenditure, Research and Development and branding.

Rohit Nadgewani, Founder and CEO

Rohit Nagdewani, founder of Fresh From Farm, is an urban farmer and home chef who launched his hydroponic farming business in 2018. Fresh From Farm sells its products under its private label Happy Froot and aims to change the dynamics of fruit and vegetable production. targeted, data-driven predictive analytics, resulting in less food waste and better nutrition for all. To reduce waste at the retail level, the company evaluates and adapts to supply and demand patterns.

Vinay Bansal, Founder and CEO, Inflection Point Ventures says, “Consumers are increasingly learning about what they eat, where it comes from and its nutritional value. On the other hand, farmers and retailers deal with supply chain issues that result in millions of tons of perishable products being wasted each year. We liked Fresh From Farm’s approach of using technology to solve problems that directly affect three key stakeholders in the fruit and vegetable ecosystem. Their technology and platform with predictive qualities motivated us to invest in the Company.”

Over the next 15 years, the total volume of the fruit and vegetable market is 500 billion dollars. Fresh From Farm has access to 1000+ Sales Contact Points for 30x growth in the next 12-15 months. The company could save up to 14-16 billion USD in fruits and vegetables annually. Delhi/NCR alone consumed Rs. 22,000 Cr worth of fruits and vegetables in 2021. As the business has built a 6,000 sqft collection and distribution center in the heart of South Delhi, it can supply fresh food to the entire Delhi/NCR region in just two hours. NCR in the most efficient manner.

Rohit Nagdewani, Founder and CEO, Fresh Form Farm says, “Our AI-based system currently has an 89% confidence rate, allowing us to predict the exact quantity and quality of fruit available for sale at certain touch points. This allowed us to reduce wastage to 2-3%, while the industry standard is 20-22%. We aim to achieve a 95% accuracy rate within the next 18 months.”

India is the world’s second largest producer, producing about 300 million metric tonnes (MT) of fruits and vegetables annually, of which 40% is lost due to supply and demand imbalances, long distribution chains and inadequate infrastructure, among others. issues. The market is large and highly disorganized, where the margin on fruit and vegetable sales exceeds $12 billion. Fresh From Farm seeks to disrupt this space with an on-demand aggregation platform that focuses primarily on B2B commerce and uses predictive analytics and local customer data to reduce waste, eliminate middlemen, and streamline the supply chain.

Through a curation process, it helps shoppers buy fresh and quality fruits, deliver them to their doorsteps, and increase revenue by 13%. Fersh from Farm was INR 78 lacs in FY22 and is working to improve its fruit and vegetable trading margin. They have a large market and ample opportunities to optimize technologically efficient output supply chain capabilities.

To build India’s first focused brand play in fruits and vegetables, Fresh From Farm uses a proprietary AI-based approach to analyze and balance supply and demand, resulting in 15%-17% reduction in fruit waste at the merchant level. Management and tracking software developed in-house allows transparency of all goods movement. Thanks to this, fruit dealers can earn 20% more thanks to a unique sales offer.

About Fresh from the Farm

Fresh From Farm (F3) is an ecosystem that keeps supply and demand intact by reducing fruit waste at the merchant level. The vegetables are sold under the label Happy Froot, an on-demand aggregator company.

About Inflection Point Ventures & Physis Capital

Inflection Point Ventures is an angel investment platform with over 7,400 CXOs, HNIs and Professionals to co-invest in startups. The firm supports budding entrepreneurs by providing cash and experience capital and connecting them with a diverse group of investors. IPV announced the launch of its $50 million AIF Fund Physis Capital to invest in Series A and B growth stage startups. IPV announced the launch of Physis Capital, a $50 million AIF Fund to invest in Series A and B growth stage startups.