Fantastic Beasts, Sonic Top $300M WW; Downton Abbey 2 Begins Calm Before The Strange Weekend – Deadline

Update for the latest…: In a weekend we could call “the calm before the WeirdHowever, there were sustained holdover deals at the international box office, and a new entry in the form of Universal/Focus’ Downton Abbey: A New Era.

In general, thisDoctor strange in the multiverse of madness session saw the family game continue its reign as Warner Bros. Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets and from Paramount sonic the hedgehog 2 each reached new milestones, both surpassing $300 million worldwide, while Universal/DreamWorks Animation’s the bad boys surpassed $100 million with the help of the number 1 national opening.

But let’s start with the Crawley family of center 2. The Simon Curtis-led return to the Grantham estate, and this time to faraway places, set sail with $9.3 million of 33 markets, registering numbers 1 in the United Kingdom Y Australia. In the former, the picture of the set set the table with $3.8 million from 746 locations – the second largest launch ever there, behind only no time to die. The average placement was three times that of the second place title. Sonic. Australia opened at $1.3M, 15% above recent death on the nile. Older commercials on the market still show some reluctance to return to theaters, while reviews and reactions have been positive.

The UK view is in line with the theory of everything and above 2019 Little woman. It was lower than the 2019 original. city ​​center feature, in part due to the earlier film’s April vs. September date and Saturday’s sunny weather. There’s a lucrative bank holiday tomorrow and word of mouth is positive. Some reviews are a bit sarcastic, but that won’t necessarily affect fans’ desire to see, while the movie should work as a counterprogramming to what’s on deck.

France it has good notices and gave the sequel a start of $1.1 million. Germany‘s $765,000 was based on strong daily growth throughout the frame and placed the film at No. #3. The Netherlands came on par with the first city ​​center feature, with $567K at No. 2. In Italywhere the market fell 43% overall compared to the last session, the debut was $415K. Spain It started with $315K and is headed to the Fiesta del Cine when ticket prices drop. New Zealand it grossed $294K with a good improvement over the Saturday and Sunday after the end of school holidays on Friday. Luxury locations are showing strong results, claiming six of the top 10 sites.

Play is generally expected to be strong and the film, which establishes the first Focus franchise, should act as a counterprogramming for the superheroes and flying aces on the horizon. One of the big takeaways from CinemaCon last week is that we need movies that cater to everyone and to different audiences. The film opens domestically on May 20 and will also hit China that weekend. Japan goes in September.

As for the holdovers, and unsurprisingly, Warner Bros. Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets crossed the $300 million global mark this week, conjuring up another $25.8 million in 73 overseas markets to lead the weekend internationally for the fourth straight frame. The offshore cume is now $250 million with $329.5 million global.

The film held up well again with only a 35% drop, including an 80% increase in the beleaguered Porcelain as well as falls of 12% in Korea, 35% in Mexico, 36% in the United Kingdom and 40% in Germany. What was new in this session was the middle East which brought in $705K as a region. IMAX’s total is now $14.3 million overseas and $22 million worldwide.

The top 5 markets to date are Japan ($26.7m), Germany ($25.7m), the UK ($23.7m), China ($21.4m), and France ($16.9m).

sonic the hedgehog 2 has also surpassed the three-century milestone globally, taking the global total to $323.5 million this weekend. A drop of 40% this session abroad resulted in $14.5 million of 61 markets. Total offshore is $162.6 million.

Sonic went hedgehog to the head with fantastic beasts in it middle East during the session and pocketed $2.3 million, including previews. Mexico rose on its fourth frame, up 7% and landing at No. 1. The jackpot there is $18.1M. The United Kingdom, after his fifth session, now has $28.1 million to lead the entire game. Hong Kong on July 21 and Japan on August 19 are yet to open.

Also from Pair, The lost City ventured to another $10.5 million of 61 markets, raising the international cume to $58.1 million and worldwide for $149 million. Sandra Bullock’s romantic comedy fell 37% abroad. He opened as No. 1 in Denmark ($280K/78 places) and continues to play in the UK ($9.2M cume), Australia ($8.9M), France ($3.6M), Mexico ($3.3M) and Germany ($3M). Hong Kong and Japan are still on deck.

This weekend’s national champion the bad boys aggregate $9 million in 62 foreign markets, driving the global cumulative to $118.7 million. Internationally, the crew has accumulated $74.3 million through a staggered deployment.

Porcelainwhere much of the country’s cinemas are closed amid a Covid surge, it was new this session for the bad boys. The $4.53m start was buoyed by a strong 9.1 in Maoyan and a rally over the weekend. Netherlands saw school holidays begin in some regions and raised $635K from 135 sites, topping Charm among others. In it United Kingdomwhere the cume is $12.9 million the gang is also currently getting ahead of Charm. Australia has raised $9.9 million by closing out the school holidays and Spain it is now at $6.6M. Korea and Japan are yet to come.


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