Extra Extra: This Is What Happens When You Don’t Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop In Park Slope

Good Friday afternoon in New York City, where there are crazy traffic outside the WNYC office. This is what else is happening:

  • Attorney General Letitia James is warning New Yorkers not to fall for vacation rental scams this summer.
  • The New York Times considers the potential dangers of replacing New York City’s standardized gifted and talented test for preschoolers with a system that asks teachers, who haven’t received serious training to know what “gifted” means, to recommend which students you think should get a place in a G&T program.
  • Donald Trump paid a $110,000 fine after being held in contempt of court for failing to cooperate with the New York AG fraud investigation.
  • A Park Slope resident with a cool hairstyle was caught on camera not picking up his dog’s poop, and the Park Slope Nextdoor.com community is desperate to shame this person into oblivion.
  • Broadway is extending its public mask requirements through June 30.
  • Stocks, cryptocurrencies, inflation: If you started 2022 with money to lose, you probably lost something.
  • Rep. Madison Cawthorn, the Trump-backed North Carolina congressman who just lost the Republican primary for his seat, said “gentlemen [sic?] politics as usual” is over and he will somehow get revenge on the established Republicans who got mad at him for saying they throw coke orgies.
  • Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz wonders how on earth Pete Davidson “gets all these hot women.”
  • Take a look at Dick Van Dyke, making a rare appearance walking down a Malibu sidewalk at the age of 96.
  • Boomer Sooner, General Loot.
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  • And finally, beware!:

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