ExpressVPN confirms the security of its desktop apps with three new independent checks

Cure53 and F-Secure tested ExpressVPN’s macOS, Linux, and Windows apps

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, November 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A leading company in consumer privacy and security ExpressVPN is verified security status of all desktop applications through three new independent audits by respected cybersecurity firms, Cure53 and F-Secure. The three new audits come just weeks after KPMG’s off-the-record policy audit of ExpressVPN and highlight ExpressVPN’s commitment to third-party privacy and security audits.

Cure53 tested both ExpressVPN’s macOS and Linux desktop apps through white-box penetration tests and source code audits. Assessments confirm that applications are protected against cyber security threats from malicious adversaries. It also validates the extensive work ExpressVPN’s engineering and security experts are doing to build a safer, more open internet for millions of people around the world.

F-Secure also reviewed ExpressVPN’s Windows v12 implementation through penetration testing and source code auditing and found no significant vulnerabilities. The audit confirms that ExpressVPN’s latest Windows desktop app cannot be manipulated to leak information such as a user’s IP address outside the VPN tunnel. It also confirms that the program is not vulnerable to remote code execution attacks.

All of ExpressVPN’s desktop apps are verified, meaning users can go online and do so with confidence, knowing their privacy is protected.

You can find the full audit report by Cure53 for MacOS here and Linux here. F-Secure audit of ExpressVPN’s Windows v12 app is available here.

“As part of our ongoing trust and transparency efforts, we are proud to announce that all of our desktop applications are now audited,” he said. Brian SchirmacherPenetration test manager at ExpressVPN. “These audits are a testament to our efforts to improve and secure our product, and we are pleased to receive approval from Cure53 and F-Secure. We are committed to conducting audits on our mobile apps soon and will continue to ensure privacy and security at every touchpoint of our product.”

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