Exciting Things to Do and Eat in NYC April 20-26 – New York

After secretly smoking in the bathroom at your family’s Christmas celebrations last week, you can proudly celebrate outdoors tonight. Have some fried chicken and donuts at a herb-infused Korean dinner, or indulge in the same hallowed snack combo at home if you’ve already swooned on your couch. Save some of your stash for the weekend too, when you can go hippie with awesome vegan food, live music, and astrology-themed cocktails.

It’s been about a year since marijuana was legalized in New York, and we expected to see kale chips and marijuana-infused lemonades on the shelves. But like the drug addicts they are, the government has been slow to make that happen. Tonight though, Nowon and Drip Lab are doing a special dinner collaboration on April 20th with marijuana-infused Korean donuts and food (yes, they’ll get you high) and CBD cocktails (in case you get too high). . Make your reservations here for Highly Recommended Dinner.

Of all the 4/20 food events out there, there are surprisingly few that seem to understand how the day’s traditions unfold (ie, on a couch). In collaboration with Dough Donuts, Fuku is offering a special Munchies menu only on the app and on the web, so you can have fried chicken between two donuts and other special snacks delivered right to your face. The Sando Dough will also be available at both Fuku locations until April 30. It will probably put you back to sleep, so find a seat with a wall to lean on while you’re there. order here

This Saturday, enjoy nature’s bounty the best way a smug city dweller knows how: eating vegan food from the city’s best chefs with a DJ on standby to drown out the rest of the urban soundscape. The Harlem Earth Day Festival will take place on 118th Street throughout the day with live music, green shopping, and vegan food vendors like Fieldtrip, Yolélé Foods, and Seasoned Vegan. Get your tickets here.

The Moodring astrology-themed bar has always been a great place to crack some light jokes about your toxic Leo traits before you steal your date’s phone while they’re in the bathroom, so you can text her mom to let her know. your time of birth. (Everyone knows that compatibility with moon signs is more important). Now, the team at Moodring is launching their own cocktail book Retrograde Margarita: Cocktails for Every Sign, so Leos can have a uniquely themed drink to serve everyone in their next house. party. Celebrate the book launch at two events this Friday and Saturday, where you can purchase the book and party with music, stargazing and lots of margaritas.

This Saturday, support the venue on the opening day of a new concert series from clothing boutique Something Else. Enjoy the tunes of The John Mazlish Band while shopping for local designer items at the store’s Park Slope location from 3 to 6 pm Check out our guide to Park Slope for where to dine afterwards. More information here.

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