Eurovision fans can’t get over how well the UK did after Sam Ryder’s success

Sam Ryder had the best UK Eurovision result in 24 years, and fans can’t top him.

The singer finished second on the leaderboard after performing his song Space Man at the Song Contest held in Turin, Italy on Saturday night.

It turned out to be a remarkable reversal of fortune after last year’s feared null points, and is the highest the UK has posted since 1998, when Imaani’s Where Are You? she finished just behind Dana International from Israel, who won with Ella Diva’s song.

The UK led the voting for most of Saturday night’s results after Sam’s performance won out in the jury vote.

However, the public overwhelmingly supported Ukraine, which won the competition with 631 points in the standings, while the United Kingdom scored 466 points.

On social media, people were delighted that our country finally performed well in the contest again:

Following the result, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was “incredibly proud” of Sam Ryder and how he “brilliantly represented the UK”.

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