Epic Systems to bring macOS-friendly health record software

Apple has been pushing into the health market ever since the launch of the Apple Watch. Now, a new report says the company is teaming up with Epic Systems, the largest electronic health record vendor in the US, to launch a version of its health record tool that is “easier to run on Apple devices.”

As reported exclusively by Axios (via 9 to 5 Mac), Apple tried to push Epic to create a “native version of the service” for Macs and other Apple devices, but the best deal for both companies was “simple.” [version] to run on Apple devices,” according to sources inside Epic.

At least a few years ago, Apple and Epic Systems pointed to different views on how users should access their health data. While Apple favored rule changes proposed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to better flow health systems and patients, Epic Systems was against it because it sells medical records software to hospitals around the United States.

While it’s not yet clear whether all of this data will be available within Apple’s Health app, it at least means Mac users will be able to access it with ease. [software] version

“Epic is under development to make it easier for physicians to access Epic on Macs,” a source said Axios In Wednesday’s report.

What’s interesting about this report is that Apple is generally against opening up data. Apple wants to keep App Store data to itself and not allow third-party payment systems, but since it’s not the leading company in the health market, it wants other companies to share data with its health apps.

Ultimately, each move is good for consumers because they can access their health data in more places.

BGR We’ll report back when we hear more about the deal.