Emirates News Agency – Dubai Police offers 6 courses aimed at students and experts in forensic science

DUBAI, June 16 / WAM / The International Forensic Science Center of the General Department of Forensic Evidence and Criminology of the Dubai Police has announced the opening of registrations for 6 specialized courses for the second semester of this year 2022, in front of target groups. of students specialized in forensic sciences and experts from countries around the world, as part of the center’s effort to produce and transfer knowledge abroad, serve as a world reference platform and one of the most important scientific centers in the disciplines of science forensic

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Rashid Al Ghafri, Director of the International Forensic Science Center at the General Administration of Forensic Evidence and Criminology, explained that the center offers, in its first phase, 6 specialized courses, which are a forensic toxicology course, a unmanned aircraft forensics course, an Internet of Things forensics course, and a Basic and Advanced course in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Underwater Crime Scene Analysis Course. The center will also soon offer a training course on obtaining and analyzing fingerprints, and a course on DNA phenotyping.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Ghafri confirmed that the center includes an elite group of specialized trainers and experts from the Dubai Police cadre, as well as trainers and specialists from leading educational institutes and institutions and specialized international organizations, who share to transfer knowledge and experience using state-of-the-art technically equipped laboratories, in order to achieve the desired objective of qualifying entrants and providing them with information and models, applied in various subjects related to criminal sciences.

Wam/ Salma Al Shamsi/ Emad Al Ali

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