E. Jean Carroll filed a rape lawsuit against Donald Trump

E. Jean Carroll announced her rape lawsuit against Donald Trump on Thanksgiving Day.

Carroll tweeted:


Carroll already has a defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump. The failed former president couldn’t keep his mouth shut and sabotaged his own defense in the process.

The lawsuit against Trump is a big deal because he will be the only 2024 presidential candidate to be sued for harassment.

Trump faces a ton of criminal charges. Carroll’s lawsuit is civil, but it’s important because, as she says, it’s for every woman who’s been assaulted, harassed and dragged through the mud by a powerful man.

After Carol came forward and accused Donald Trump of rape, Trump has been dragging her through the mud for years. Her lawsuit has the potential to bring some measure of justice to dozens of women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment and abuse over the years.

Carroll’s lawsuit won’t matter to Republican voters, but if a civil court finds that Trump harassed E. Jean Carroll, the GOP will literally have an intruder at the top of its ticket, which will virtually destroy the entire party in 2024.