Dubai police confiscate 400 bicycles and mopeds from cyclists 

Dubai police seized more than 400 bicycles and electric mopeds from the Naif area as part of a recently launched road safety campaign.

According to Brigadier Tariq Tahlak, head of the Naif Police Station, the bicycles and mopeds were confiscated from owners who broke traffic laws and endangered the lives of road users.

Breaking the rules

The Police Chief also said that mopeds used in undesignated areas such as main roads and around markets were confiscated.

Several mopeds were seized while the owners were riding against the flow of traffic and on sidewalks. Bicycles that were tied to signs at intersections were also seized.”

He also mentioned that patrols have increased during the security campaign, and motorists who broke traffic regulations were fined.

Obey the rules!

The Police Chief also urged drivers, cyclists and bicyclists to obey traffic regulations.

They must take all safety precautions, such as wearing helmets and reflective jackets.,” he said.

Brig Saif Al Mazrouei, director general of the Dubai Police traffic department, also added that the goal of the safety campaign is to reduce deaths, disabilities and injuries caused by bicycle-related accidents.

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