Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Tops YouGov Top Brands for Ramadan 2022 in the UAE – Dubai Blog

YouGov’s BrandIndex data shows the top ten brands that saw the biggest change in Ad Awareness scores year over year during the holy month.

After two years of observing Ramadan amidst Covid-19 restrictions, Ramadan 2022 was observed as it was in pre-pandemic times. The easing of restrictions on going out, public gatherings, family and hotel iftars means this Ramadan was more like the pre-pandemic Ramadan.

Marketing spending is likely to have increased this year compared to previous years in a bid to boost consumption during this period.

YouGov’s BrandIndex data compared Ad Awareness scores (measuring whether a respondent has seen brand advertising in the past 2 weeks) for this year’s Ramadan period versus the previous year to identify brands whose communications reached more of the adult population in the country. during the Holy Month of this year.

Data from YouGov BrandIndex in the United Arab Emirates shows that Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo has emerged as the top mover this year, with a +8.5 change in its Ad Awareness score. After two challenging years, the lifting of restrictions on social distancing and social gatherings gave venues and destinations the opportunity to welcome the public in full force. As Ramadan usually sees families spending time together, Dubai Aquarium sent out a strong communication to explore amazing experiences this Eid with #EmaarEntertainment.

It appears that UAE residents have responded to the communications, as the brand noted a significant improvement in its Ad Awareness score during the Ramadan period in the lead up to Eid.

Neom (Saudi Arabia) is another destination on the list, with a +7.9 improvement in its score. Saudi Arabia has generally been driving Saudi Vision 2030 and the various components of that initiative of which NEOM is one of the flagship projects. The futuristic city in Saudi Arabia also recently revealed plans for a futuristic first ski resort. Fate has been pushing this news hard through their social media channels and this could have had a positive impact on the brand’s Ad Awareness.

Zoom is the third best engine, with a change in score of +7.6. Zoom held a photo contest “What does Ramadan mean to you?” East year #ZOOMenRamadan with an iPhone 13 on sale for the winning entry. They also sponsored a Ramadan truck from which they distributed 10,000 grocery items to families in need. #ShareYourBlessings #RamadanWithZOOM – both seem to have resonated well with the general population here in the UAE.

Retailer Sharaf DG appears on the list in fourth place. The brand’s strong communication on deals and deals around Ramadan seems to have struck a chord with residents, helping to increase its score by +6.7.

The top five is completed by Emirates Hills with an improvement of +6.4.

This year, Domino’s boosted its Ramadan Big Meal for Six offer. The big savings deal seems to have gotten people’s attention, increasing the brand’s ad recognition by +6.2.

Similarly, in addition to launching deep discounts and offers for customers, the multinational retail chain Carrefour donated Dh2M to Red Crescent to provide 100,000 meals to low-income groups, aligning with the spirit of charity emphasized during the holy month. These initiatives led to a positive improvement (+5.8) ​​in the brand score, making it one of the top movers in 2022.

Share Loyalty Program, also from MAF, and Danube Properties also made the top ten list, in eighth (+5.4) and ninth (+5.3), respectively.

Closing out the top ten list is the smartphone giant iPhone. In the month leading up to Ramadan, the brand’s campaign announcing the launch of iPhone 13 variants in green and alpine green generated a positive impact on the brand’s Ad Awareness, increasing its score by +5.3 points between Ramadan 2021 and 2022.


YouGov BrandIndex collects data on thousands of brands every day. The Ad Awareness score is based on the question: Which of the following brands have you seen an ad for in the last 2 weeks?

The scores are based on an average sample of 640 interviews during the month of Ramadan per brand.

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