Don Lemon: ‘Hands up’—Fake but accurate!

More shades from Dan!

Active This morning on CNN, Don Lemon tried to do this by Despite being exposed by a Justice Department investigation and report, the Ferguson-born “hands up, don’t shoot” slogan was bogus but accurate. As Lemon says:

“Remember, hands up, became a symbol of nationwide protest over police mistreatment of minorities after Ferguson. He It was more than shooting Michael Brown.

It should be noted that Lemon only talked about the “DoJ report” on Ferguson and rejected the “hands, up, throw” allegation. Lemon never disclosed that the report was prepared under the direction of Eric Holder, then-President Obama’s attorney general and a close confidant of the Department of Justice.

Lemon made his claim in the context of his criticism of Elon Musk for mocking piles of #StayWoke T-shirts he found on Twitter. He accused MuskAfter Brown’s death, he repeated a right-wing conversation that suggested the protests were overblown.

Let’s take a look at the article on the topic the The Washington Post– hardly a “fountain of right-wing talking points”. entitled to “Hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t happen in Ferguson the article gives the Four Pinnochios to people who claim otherwise and concludes [emphasis added]:

“Investigators overwhelmingly rejected witness statements that Brown put his hands up in surrender. style of execution before being shot. The DOJ concluded that Wilson did not know whether Brown was armed, acted in self-defense, and was justified in killing Brown. Most of the witnesses told federal investigators that initial allegations that Brown had his hands up were not true. “Hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t happen in Brown’s killingand it is a character worthy of Four Pinocchios.”

Lemon had the chutzpah to claim during the segment, “Facts first here on CNN.”

We got your facts right here, Don. The same goes for Poppy Harlow, who, after finishing her Lemon story, solemnly said, “Thanks for that, Don. It is important to have the facts.”

This morning on CNN, Don Lemon was sponsored in part by Pfizer, the maker of Nexium and Chapstick, trying to explain that the “hands up, throw up” incident didn’t actually happen in Ferguson.

Here is the transcript.

CNN this morning
6:15 ET

ELON MUSK: We’re in the business of trading. And there’s a whole, whole closet — a secret closet — of hashtag-inspired t-shirts.

DON LEMON: It was Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, mocking a t-shirt the company designed years ago to show support for its black employees and users. Previous owner Jack Dorsey wore the shirt during a 2016 panel with civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson. Some critics mocked her for wearing it.

During the panel, Dorsey recalled being on the ground in Ferguson for protests over the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown.

In a now-deleted follow-up tweet, Musk noted that the shirts came after the Ferguson protests and After Brown’s death, a right-winger who suggested the protests were overblown echoed the conversation.

And he wrote, and I’m quoting here, he invented “hands up, don’t throw”. Everything was fake.
Now, Musk has replaced the deleted tweet with a follow-up that only includes a link to the Justice Department report on Brown’s death.

ok Facts first on CNN. Musk said he made up “hands up, don’t throw” — it was all made up. It needs some context.

[Cut to clip of Ferguson protesters chanting, “hands up, don’t shoot.]

Thus, “Hands up, don’t shoot” became a nationwide vote of solidarity with black teenager Michael Brown, who some witnesses raised their hands in surrender to when he was shot and killed by white police officer Darren Wilson in 2014. .

In 2015 The Justice Department questioned the “hands up” account, his report concluded that Wilson fired multiple shots at Brown, only when Brown was moving toward the officer. Musk refers to it in his tweets.

The Ministry of Justice did not find grounds to charge the official. But in a separate report released that day, he found evidence of systematic racial discrimination in Ferguson at the hands of the city’s police department and municipal court. Now the DoJ has pointed to statistics for proof in a scathing report. In Ferguson, blacks are twice as likely to be searched during traffic stops as whites. Although white people have been found to smuggle at a higher rate than black people. At least 85% of those pulled over, ticketed or arrested for traffic violations were black, and the Justice Department said the department’s and city’s focus was money, not public safety. Black citizens paid the highest price.

So remember, hands up, became a symbol of nationwide protest over police mistreatment of minorities after Ferguson. He It was more than shooting Michael Brown. It is about the pattern of police shootings and brutality in this country. And Musk’s mocking “Stay Unawakened” hashtag was how Twitter wanted to call out racial injustice — how they wanted to call out racial injustice. Poppy?

Poppy: Don, thanks for that. It is important to have the facts.