Dominique ‘distressed estate’ Grubisa stripped of legal practice certificate

Authorities have announced they will consider ‘further regulatory action’ against self-proclaimed law and property expert Dominique Grubisa, after stripping her of her Australian legal practice certificate. Reports Dave Donovan.

IN AUGUST 2020, Independent AUstralia became the first media organization in the country to expose the conduct of self-proclaimed real estate expert and lawyer Dominique Grubisa. That story gave Grubisa’s background, a broad view of his questionable activities and the lack of interest in them on the part of the relevant authorities.

Since then, IA has published many stories about the activities of Grubisa and its businesses based on detailed investigations.

As we exposed in April 2021, despite living in New South Wales, Grubisa’s legal practice certificate was from Victoria.

Dominique Grubisa "afflicted" Victorian Law Practice Certificate

In a statement posted last night on its website, the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner’s Office (VLSBC) announced that Grubisa no longer holds a practicing certificate in Australia and is no longer entitled to practice law anywhere in Australia. Australia.

In its statement, the VLSBC said:

“We are aware of ASIC’s recent decision and recent media interest in relation to Ms. Grubisa and her various business entities, and are currently considering what further regulatory action is necessary.”

The decision of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) was to prohibit Grubisa from participating in credit activities, providing financial services, performing any function in a credit institution or controlling a credit institution or a financial services business for four years.

Grubisa has filed an application with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to have ASIC’s decision reviewed.

Earlier this week the financial review published an article about a company called RER Abogados established by Grubisa in 2013. In that article, journalist Max Mason reported that ASIC records showed that one of the directors was James Lyons, a Sydney lawyer who previously represented Grubisa’s father. Christopher Ronald Fitzsimons.

That article quoted Lyons as saying:

It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. I do not know anything about that.’

Lyons’s address in the documents submitted to ASIC was not only listed as the current address of Grubisa and her husband Kevin, but Lyons’ date of birth also appears different from other companies of which he was a director.

meA was the first to expose Fitzsimons’ involvement using the alias “Chris Jackson” to provide legal advice to Grubisa “students” despite being delisted in 2012, in our first article on Grubisa in August 2020.

EXCLUSIVE: Grubisa uses revoked parents to provide legal advice to students and clients

Then, in July of last year, we reported how Grubisa’s parents were using an email account, which included the name of the Lyons law firm, to provide legal advice.

meA understands that ASIC is now investigating issues related to RER Abogados and Lyons’s comments about being unaware of being a director of that company.

However, it remains to be seen who Kevin Grubisa met with from 2014 to 2019, as co-director, to approve the solvency declaration that ASIC requires each year as part of the annual review process.

Grubisa has been pushing a “War Council” event to be held on Saturday June 25 through his property lovers website.

In a marketing video for this live streaming event, Grubisa says:

It’s a battlefield out there.

Gone are the days when you could just throw money at the real estate market and watch it multiply.

In times like these, it has never been more important to make sure your asset protection and estate planning are in order.

Will Grubisa show off its “asset protection service” again, despite the VLSBC’s action? Will she continue to provide legal services, even though she now has no right to do so, as she has allegedly been employing her laid-off parents in a similar manner?

We hope not. But we suspect otherwise.

warning emptor.

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