Dollar to INR Rate Today: November 23, 2022

The exchange rate between different currencies keeps changing every few hours or even minutes depending on the trends in the Forex market. As a standard for measuring the value of a country’s currencies, the values ​​of different currencies are compared to their value against the Dollar. This comparison between the values ​​of different currencies is called the “exchange rate”. Similarly, the Rupee to Dollar exchange rate also keeps fluctuating based on changes in the Forex market as well as various factors. The rupee has depreciated significantly against the dollar over the past year.

At the time of writing this article on November 23, 2022, the Dollar to INR exchange rate is ₹81.81 per $1. Just a few weeks ago, in October 2022, the Rupee hit an all-time low against the Dollar, falling above ₹83 per $1. Many of the factors that have contributed to the rupee’s recent depreciation include rising inflation rates worldwide, supply chain issues resulting from the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, and generally unstable economic conditions in India and many other countries around the world. . In the last few months, not only the rupee, but many other countries’ currencies have devalued against the dollar due to the above-mentioned factors.

Now that we have taken a look at the Rupee to Dollar rates, let’s take a look at the other Rupee rates against other major international currencies as of November 2, 2022:

INR to Euro: As on 23 November 2022, the Euro to INR rate is 1 Euro for ₹84.49.

British Pound: British Pound to INR rate for 1 British Pound is ₹97.26 as on 23 November 2022.

Australian Dollar: As on 23 November 2022, Australian Dollar to INR per 1 Australian Dollar is ₹54.40.

Canadian Dollar: Canadian Dollar to INR rate is ₹61.10 per 1 Canadian Dollar as on 23 November 2022.

Singapore Dollar: Singapore Dollar to INR rate for 1 Singapore Dollar is ₹59.16 as on 23 November 2022.

Swiss Franc: As on 23 November 2022, the rate of INR per Swiss Franc per 1 Swiss Franc is ₹86.04.

Japanese Yen: As on 23 November 2022, the rate of JPY to INR for 1 JPY is ₹0.57.

Chinese yuan: Chinese Yuan to INR rate for 1 Chinese Yuan as on 23 November 2022 is ₹11.43.

Disclaimer: All exchange rates mentioned in this article were recorded at the time of writing and are subject to change in the future.