Disney Announces Multiverse On Avengers Campus Including King Thanos – Deadline

Disney Parks Experiences and Products President Josh D’Amaro has invited some big names for his D23 Expo presentation, including Mark Ruffalo, Jon Favreau and Marvel boss Kevin Feige.

The main line of his announcement, according to Feige, is that “We’re bringing the Multiverse to the Avengers Campus.”

In the new attraction, D’Amaro said, “You will be able to fight alongside all the Avengers from all the universes” against villains from all over the multiverse. He offered some concept art that, upon closer inspection, reveals some interesting combatants.

Avengers Campus


The villain roster will also include a new major villain: King Thanos.

“This is a Thanos who won [the Infinity War]and the Avengers are not too happy about it,” D’Amaro said.

King Thanos

King Thanos

D’Amaro said the attraction “is coming soon.”

In a shorter time frame, “Hulk will appear on Avengers Campus next week,” D’Amaro said, after taking the big man out on a End of the game-style quantum suit. It wasn’t clear whether or not the version appearing in California Adventure net week will be as clad, but it looks like it will have a limited run there.


Hulk makes an appearance alongside Kevin Feige

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