Deebo Samuels trade request adds mystery to 49ers offseason

Deebo Samuel's trade request means San Francisco is in the market for a game-changing player.

Deebo Samuel’s trade request means San Francisco is in the market for a game-changing player.
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The rise of Deebo Samuel as a receiver of devices was the San Francisco equivalent of the discovery that they could channel electricity. With a flawed quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo under center, Samuel changed the entire game for his offense and left defenses in doubt.

However, Samuel’s breakout season came at a price. His rookie deal will expire after the 2022 season, but the Niners can franchise him for two more seasons. However, the Niners have reportedly been actively cooperating with his agent to pull off a $25 million-a-year neighborhood extension. Rather than go the route of Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill, he has returned to burning his bridges in the home locker room at Levi’s Stadium.

Two weeks ago, Samuel joined a long list of stars raised on social networks, and the adults have dedicated themselves to cleaning up your social media pages of referrals to their current teams as they look for new contracts. However, on Tuesday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter suggested that Samuel is the one who doesn’t want to make a deal to stay in San Francisco. Samuel’s brother logged into Facebook and threw a Molotov cocktail in speech by leaking Samuel’s trade request.

On Wednesday, Samuel confirmed to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington that he was demanding a trade. It’s a surprising turn of events that adds a new layer to an offseason that features more plot twists than any in recent memory. Hill, Adams, Russell Wilson and a Saul Goodman-esque Tom Brady trade withdrawal scheme They have shaken the entire NFL.

Samuel’s trade demands came out of left field. After leading the NFL in receiving yards after the catch, rushing route yards on targets 20 or more yards down the field, eclipsing the NFL record for rushing touchdowns by a wide receiver and finishing fifth in total receiving yards , was forced to find more money.

Deebo Samuel Theories

After his first All-Pro season in 2022, Samuel burst into the discussion of the best wide receivers in the NFL, and San Francisco intended to pay him as such.

While details about Samuel’s problems with the front office are still murky, he’s upset enough to cut off negotiations. Shanahan’s critical nature has created prickly relationships with players before, but there was no smoke to indicate a fire of this magnitude. It cannot be a desire to play for a winner. San Francisco is a storied franchise that has been to two conference championship games in the last three seasons. The Niners were minutes away from defeating Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl LIII and were tied with the Los Angeles Rams until Matt Gay’s field goal with 1:46 remaining propelled their NFC West rivals into the Super Bowl.

There are some indications that the frequent use of Samuel in San Francisco as “wide back” could be at the root of your trade request. In 2021, he was primarily used in San Francisco as a highly effective screen-passing specialist and running back due to his shoddy quarterback play.

According five thirty eight, 60 players have scored 50+ runs and 70+ receptions in a season. Among running backs, Samuel finished second in the league in yards after contact per attempt and second in the league in “run,” which measures the percentage of a player’s rushing yards that come on runs of 15 yards or more. Runners take the dirt and the bumps, but their lifespan is short. No receiver of Samuel’s value would want to spend his prime putting his long-term health on the line by being part of a platoon at running back.

Samuel’s request may not be a glowing endorsement of his belief in the 49ers’ quarterback depth chart. As a rookie, Trey Lance appeared raw on limited snaps and Garoppolo played poorly when he wasn’t injured. A line of teams is already bending around the corner, hoping to slip an offer on the 49ers’ table for Samuel, who has reportedly given no hints as to where he prefers to play.

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