Death of Queen Elizabeth: Inside the Monarch’s Last Days at Balmoral Castle

The Queen spent her last days at Balmoral enjoying herself with her family, reading the racing stall and watch TV with the staff.

Her Majesty passed away on Thursday at the royal retreat where she spent many happy summers with her beloved Philip.

He spent his last hours in the bosom of his family, in the place where he felt most at home, Sun reports.

And now it has been revealed how he spent his last “fun” days.

The queen would spend three months each summer in the Scottish castle and “kick off her shoes” and relax.

This 50,000-acre estate by the River Dee in the Scottish Highlands is where you could be a mother and a wife, a world away from life as the most famous woman on the planet.

She arrived at Balmoral for the last time on July 23, her second summer without Prince Philip.

He flew in a private helicopter and was expected to stay until October to take time off from royal duties.

Her Majesty first stayed at the seven-bedroom Craigowan Lodge on Royal Deeside, before moving to Balmoral Castle on 9 August.

Here he stayed with his beloved staff, including Page of the Backstairs Paul Whybrew, nicknamed Tall Paul, and his Sergeant-at-Arms Barry Mitford.

The pair would bring the lifelong horse fan the racing stall every morning before I sit down to watch TV.

And her right-hand woman and best friend, Angela Kelly, who worked as the Queen’s personal assistant and dresser, was with her until the end.

Until her death, the Queen received the visitors who accompanied her.

The last weekend before her death, Dr. Iain Greenshields, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, stayed with her at the castle.

He said that she was in a “very good mood” and recounted how he was touched by how she spoke about her beloved Prince Philip.

They dined together on Saturday and lunch on Sunday, even eerily touching on the subject of the afterlife.

And he said the Queen seemed delighted to be spending time at her beloved home in the highlands.

He said: “Conversing with her, she took me to the window and looked at her gardens with great pride and affection.

“And I think that’s where she would have wanted to spend her last days and I think the family is comforted by that.”

He then went on to “reflect on life” as they discussed their faith and the afterlife.

final days

Two days later, on September 6, the Queen received the new Prime Minister Liz Truss in audience.

The photos showed the couple at the castle for the traditional “kissing hands” ceremony.

Truss was the Queen’s 15th Prime Minister during her more than 70 years as monarch.

Photos showed her smiling in the green room as she chatted with Truss for 30 minutes.

Two days later, on September 8, the Queen died “in peace” at Balmoral.

The King and Princess Anne managed to reach her bedside before she died.

The senior royals faced a grim race against time to say their goodbyes after doctors shared the tragic news that Her Majesty had only hours to live.

Sadly, only two of the Queen’s four children were able to make it to her bed at Balmoral in time.

Princess Anne and King Charles were already in Scotland on royal business when the heartbreaking news was announced.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.

Originally published as How Queen Elizabeth spent her last days at her beloved Balmoral Castle

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