David has been named Bloomberg News’ London bureau chief

Ruth David

Bloomberg News named it Ruth David This was reported by the head of his London office Bron Maher Press Gazette.

Maher writes: “In his new role, which he started last week, David oversees around 500 journalists across many different niches based in London, making Bloomberg one of the largest newsrooms in the UK.

His challenge, David told the Press Gazette, is “getting everyone to work together.” We are a very large organization – how do you work together seamlessly?’

“Because there are many cooks in the kitchen,” he said, referring to editors from teams covering companies, technologies, eco-products or markets, for example. We have a lot of really smart, really talented people. So how do we make sure that from the first title – where we certainly want to be first – to the last analysis of the record, we’re the organization at the forefront.”

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