Crisis Parenting And Owner Behavior with Jason Gay

As a general rule, you can tell how much fun we’re having in a particular episode of a show by how long the episode goes. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy the episodes when we’re in Hate Guide mode or when we’re really into sports. It also totally beats working out, and it’s something Drew and I both enjoy doing as much as we do it on a regular basis for free, with no recording devices nearby. Personally, I love the peripatetic episode of the podcast. Not just because it means I’m winning in some way, but to be clear, it means at least to some extent that Drew is generally trying to keep things going and I’m always trying to stall that progress for a long time. A story about a particularly large sandwich I bought at Fia Deli in Ridgewood, NJ in 1995.

As much fun as it gets to judge, though I also like an episode that just jumps from one thing to another, some in time, some in “time” whatever the case may be, paced and with something like the randomness of an actual event. chatting with friends. This episode we join us again The Wall Street Journal sports columnist Jason Gayis one of them.

This would normally be the part of the post where I recap all the different things we discussed during the episode, but in this case it would be easier to just say we didn’t talk much about hockey or modern art. when. To better serve you readers who probably haven’t listened to the episode yet or otherwise don’t have blog posts to read, I’ll mention that we discussed Jason’s new book on pandemic parenting. I wouldn’t do that if it were meNot long before Jason and Drew compared notes on their experiences involving car racing, which in turn brought us together to reminisce about Low Level Porn Magazines.

It doesn’t get any meaner than that, because this isn’t that kind of podcast. But because so much does this type of episode of this podcast really hasn’t slowed down much. Last week, we talked about ownership in the NFL’s current vanguard mode, with a special focus on the power matchup between Jim Irsay and Mark Davis. We talked about the continuing appeal of drunken executive brutality in sports and elsewhere, with a special focus on Houston Astros owner Jim Crane. We’ve provided our unbiased thumbnail odds for the USA Men’s National Team at the World Cup. There was a certain amount of time when I was wondering if the Jets and/or Giants were really good, during which I could more or less hold it together. Considering this was a Jason Gay episode and Drew is now a true blue bike guy, there was a lot of bike talk. I’m sure I missed something, it went by so fast to be honest.

That’s before we even get to Funbag, where the issue of Buffalo-style nachos is reviewed and instantly approved, and we pretend to be Jason Bourne and lay our middle-aged routine cards on the table. And then, after a breezy 54 minutes, it was over. If we had gone for an entire hour, we could have really covered every topic imaginable. But it’s nice to leave something for next week.

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