Coleen and Wayne Rooney arrive at Manchester Airport with huge suitcases as they leave the UK for Dubai

Coleen and Wayne Rooney have been photographed dragging their tower of luggage to Manchester Airport as they leave the UK for Dubai. The couple did not attend court on Thursday (May 19).

It’s been a hectic few weeks for Coleen and Wayne, both 36, in the midst of Coleen’s defamation case. Rebekah Vardy is currently suing Coleen after she accused her of allegedly leaking false stories about her to tabloids in 2019. Coleen said she used an Instagram sting to discover that Ms Vardy had been sharing stories with The Sun newspaper. .

Ms Vardy, who is the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie, denies leaking stories to the media and is suing her fellow footballer’s wife for defamation, while Coleen defends the claim on the grounds that her post was “substantially true”.

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Today (Thursday May 19) is expected to be the last day of the trial, dubbed ‘Wagatha Christie’, and although Ms Vardy arrived at court for proceedings this morning, Mr and Mrs Rooney did not attend and their lawyer told the High Cour his absence is due to “long-standing travel arrangements”.

David Sherborne said the couple had asked him to convey “individual apologies” and to explain that they “do not intend to disrespect the court”. The lawyer emphasized that the couple had attended the trial so far, adding: “They had a long-standing travel agreement with their four children that was booked in advance by their lawyers.” Sherborne said the reservation was made on the understanding that the court would not be sitting today (Thursday).

Wayne took charge of his luggage cart.

It comes as both Coleen and former England and Manchester United footballer Wayne took the stand in recent days. The couple was photographed arriving at the airport. Wayne took care of the heavy suitcases that were stacked on top of each other on a cart, while her wife Coleen pulled out two more suitcases as she walked around in her medical boot after a foot injury.

Both looked casually ready for their flight, with Derby Country manager Wayne wearing a white t-shirt and black zip-up jacket under a Gillet puffa, and a pair of black sweatpants. Coleen, a mother of four, opted for a black shirt and matching pants, though she could only wear flip-flops. She kept her hair pulled back from her face, tied in a low ponytail as she wore little to no makeup.

Coleen still wears a moon boot after a foot injury

On Tuesday, Wayne described the “traumatic” impact of the past two and a half years on his wife Coleen as she testified during the “Wagatha Christie” libel trial. He told the court that the period after her wife’s “disclosure” publication had been “very traumatic” for her and that he had seen her “really struggle”. He said: “My wife and I don’t want to be in this courtroom. I’ve seen my wife for the last two and a half years really struggle with everything, becoming a different mother, a different mother.” wife.”

He later described how then-England manager Roy Hodgson and then-assistant manager Gary Neville asked him to speak to Ms Vardy’s husband, Leicester City striker Jamie, to ask his wife to leave. “calmed down” during the Euro 2016 tournament. The athlete said that Ms Vardy had a column in The Sun newspaper at the time.

Coleen and Wayne have gone on vacation with their children and her parents

He said the two footballers had gone to a games room to sit and talk, with Vardy having a can of Red Bull and Rooney having a coffee. However, in a statement released by Vardy’s representatives outside the hearing, he said: “Wayne is talking nonsense. He must be confused because he never spoke to me about issues related to Becky’s media work at Euro 2016. There was nothing what to talk about”. I know because I discuss everything with Becky.”

Today, the High Court has heard that Ms Vardy has suffered “large scale public and ridiculous abuse” as a result of Coleen’s posts about her and is entitled to “substantial damages”. Presenting his closing arguments on the last day of the trial, Hugh Tomlinson QC, representing Ms Vardy, said she had suffered “very serious damage to her reputation” as a result of the publication. He also said that Ms Rooney “was unable to present any evidence” that Ms Vardy had “regularly and frequently abused the status of her trusted follower” of her private Instagram account by passing on information to The Sun.

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