Chosen Jacobs in ‘Sneakerella’s ‘Healthier’ Spin On ‘Cinderella’ – Hollywood Life

Sneakers taking the Cinderella story and doing a fun, modern gender swap. chosen jacobs plays El, an aspiring sneaker designer from Queens who works as a stock boy at the shoe store that once belonged to his late mother. Sparks fly when he meets Kira King, the daughter of a sneaker mogul. hollywoodlife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Chosen about Sneakers fresh and relevant twist.

Lexi Underwood
Lexi Underwood and Chosen Jacobs as Kira and El. (Disney+)

The actor admitted that he loves the way the film “has turned around where, even though there is still love, no one is waiting for someone to come save them. You still have to go out there and put your best foot forward. I won’t meet Kira if I don’t make the shoe, and she’ll never find me if she doesn’t post, so I think it just promotes a healthier view of what love really requires, which is a little bit of bravery and a little bit of effort”.

A big draw for Chosen was the music that was featured in sneakers. The Disney+ movie opens with “Kicks,” a classy, ​​high-octane musical number that delves into the world of El in Queens.

“’Kicks’ definitely set the tone,” Chosen noted. “We knew it was going to be the introduction to the movie, and I want it to feel like a party. I want it to feel like looking for your mom, looking for your grandmother, getting up and moving. That definitely has to be the cornerstone of who I think El is because that’s the dream of his, and that’s what the whole movie is really about: he’s trying to reach it.”

chosen jacobs
Chosen Jacobs during the musical number ‘Kicks’. (Disney+)

Growing up, Chosen “lived” for movie musicals like high school musical. “I lived for songs. I lived to learn those dances with my sister and see who could do it,” Chosen said. sneakers will be available to stream on Disney+ on May 13.

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