CBS News: It’s just that

(Scott Johnson)

It’s hard to quantify the poignant tone and ludicrous appeal of Catherine Herridge’s new CBS story “confirming” the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents. It comes more than two years after the New York Post’s reporting that broke the story and the deep state operation that suppressed it. It seems a little late and the tick is over.

Instead of embarrassing itself, CBS News could have deepened our understanding of the story. Why not follow up on requests for comment from CBS’s own Lesley Stahl? Or from the deep state operatives who successfully discredited and suppressed the story? Or from the editors of Politico, who treated the deep state operation as breaking news? Or better yet, why not give things a postmodern twist and bring back Dan Rather to evaluate CBS News’ performance on the story?

Elon Musk’s new Twitter has reinstated Babylon Bee on the platform. Bee rises to the occasion with well-aimed sarcasm.