Toshiba CAF-Z85US Air Purifier Review: Performance: 10, Appearance: 3

in a blink of an eye Expert rating professional Very attractive industrial design Auto mode doesn’t work as promised cons Supports dual-band Wi-Fi Quiet, with solid performance Functional app Our verdict It’s very effective at its intended task, but the Toshiba model CAF-Z85US is one of the ugliest smart appliances we’ve reviewed. Price when reviewed … Read more

A new tick-borne disease is killing cattle in the United States

Theilaria cows can cause their fetuses to abort. It can cause anemia so severe that a cow will die. In Australia, where the disease has been rampant since 2012 and now affects a quarter of cattle, Theileria costs the beef industry an estimated $19.6 million a year in reduced milk and meat yields, according to … Read more

Best Air Purifiers 2022: Reviews and Buying Advice

The Covid pandemic—and, in much of the country, smoky air from widespread wildfires—has sparked renewed interest in a previously dormant sector of the gadget universe: air purifiers. The best models can not only remove odors from the air, they can protect your health by cleaning the air of harmful vapors and particulate matter. To find … Read more

The Grado GW100x wireless open-back headphones have been announced

Brooklyn-based audio specialist Grado has announced the GW100x, a new set of wireless open-back headphones. This is the third edition of Grado’s award-winning wireless series, and as always, the key difference from your average set of wireless cans is the GW100x open-back. This means a much wider sound profile than most closed-back headphones on the … Read more

The number station has gone wild Hacked

[Ringway Manchester] Number stations have an interest. These mysterious stations probably send coded numbers or other coded information. However, it is rare that anyone claims credit for these stations. Typically they operate with military-like precision, adhere to strict operating schedules and send their messages error-free. [Ringway] Here are five times when things didn’t go as … Read more

The Netherlands commits €1.1B to cycling infrastructure

You’d think the Dutch had already covered their entire country with bike paths, but no, there’s more to do. That is why, this week, the national government of the Netherlands announcement €780 million investment in cycling infrastructure. Combined with existing municipal and provincial commitments, this brings the total investment by 2030 to €1.1 billion. This … Read more

The infamous Emote botnet returns after months off • The Register

The emote malware-delivery botnet is back after a brief hiatus, rapidly increasing the number of malicious emails and sporting additional capabilities, including changes to its binary and the delivery of a new version of the IcedID malware dropper. There are also reports that Emotet is also distributing Bumblebee Malware loaders too, according to Proofpoint analysts. … Read more

India to finally adopt USB-C as standard charging port for all smart devices, – Technology News, Firstpost

FP staffNov 17, 2022 12:25:40 IST The central government has decided that India is finally going to adopt USB-C as the standard charging port for all smart devices. This means that all smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other smart home appliances must be compatible with Type-C ports. The timeline, however, for each of these devices, has … Read more