Falling Short – The Hugh Hewitt Show

Thursday, December 1, 2022 | By John Schroeder Falling Short A new Pew Study on religion and the pandemic is out. This is a disappointment. Here are the points described by Pew itself: In nearly a quarter of all countries and territories studied (46 out of 198, or 23%), authorities used physical means, such as … Read more

Haigh declares rail service in north ‘in meltdown’ amid ongoing disruption – LabourList

Louise Haigh has declared that rail services in the north of England are “in meltdown” and accused the government of “forcing the north to settle for a substandard service” amid ongoing disruptions to services in the region. Addressing the Commons this morning during an urgent question on rail cancellations, the Shadow Transport Secretary highlighted the … Read more

Starmer’s imminent constitutional overhaul, courtesy of Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown has long been a supporter of constitutional reform. When he first entered parliament in the 1983 election, he enthusiastically took up the cause of Scottish home rule – championing proposals that would eventually culminate in the 1998 Scotland Act. Make no mistake about it: the former prime minister is a committed revolutionary. Brown … Read more

What the Trump-Kanye dinner really says about antisemitism in America

President Donald Trump’s weekend dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes — two figures who have become the face of modern-day antisemitism in America — has shocked the political world. For Jews, the dinner was more than simply shocking: It was a reminder of an old and very ugly history of influential Americans mainstreaming antisemitism. … Read more