Private School Hating Labor Candidate Works at Private School – Guido Fawkes

Private School-Hate Employee Candidate Works at Private School mdi-full screen With Labor leading the charge against fee-paying schools, Guido’s attention was drawn to a particularly galling intervention. Labor candidate for Hartlepool Jonathan Brash claimed Twitter He added that private education is not charitable “no basis” for tax benefits “must be abolished”. This intervention may come … Read more

Grilagem usa estado para vender terras públicas

É 15 de agosto, feriado no Pará, e acaba de amanhecer em Novo Progresso. Nem por isso a cidade de 25 mil habitantes, situada à beira da BR-163, está parada. Enquanto os primeiros clientes entram e saem das lojas de ouro, na zona de prostituição meia dúzia de homens tenta se recuperar da noite agitada … Read more

Orban used Hungarians’ COVID data to boost his election campaign, report says – POLITICO

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s ruling party, Fidesz, used data from citizens who had been registered for a COVID-19 vaccine to spread Fidesz campaign messages ahead of Hungary’s April 2022 elections, according to a Human Rights Watch report. Not only vaccination shots, but also tax credit applications and association membership registrations were used to help … Read more

Labour, Coalition at crossroads

Below is an edited excerpt The Teal Revolution: Inside the Movement That Changed Australian Politics By Margot Saville, latest Read Crikey. Existentially, what does rising rivers mean for the future of the major political parties? What will the federal parliament look like after three or four elections? In this election, the Coalition lost an unprecedented … Read more

Lame-Duck Congress Should Repeal the Extended Child Tax Credit

Democrats lost the House, and with it, a chance to pass more of their favored policies in 2023. This makes the “lame duck” period before the new Congress takes office in January their last opportunity to gain full control of Capitol Hill. for a while. It’s also a chance for outgoing lawmakers from both parties … Read more

Ivy League Princeton University Offers Black Plus Queer BDSM Course – RedState

Long ago, young men who aspired to prosperity may have taken lessons in leatherwork. These days, the material is involved in making a type of steamer. Some of you may remember the easy choices you made during your college years. Lessons such as “Underwater Basket Weaving” are still ongoing. But times have changed, and baskets … Read more

Is this GMA promo for the Sam Bankman-Fried interview the start of a ‘rehab tour’ or not? –

According to a New York Times report, FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried attributed the collapse of FTX to “massive management failures”: FTX cryptocurrency exchange founder Sam Bankman-Fried spoke publicly on Wednesday for the first time since the collapse of his business empire this month, insisting he “never tried to commit fraud” and repeatedly saying he did … Read more

Attorney Dobbs fired for expressing support for Dobbs decision during conference call to discuss Dobbs decision – HotAir

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece detailing how attorney Robin Keller lost her job at a major law firm after daring to speak out in favor of the Dobbs decision. This happened not at a general staff meeting, but at a conference open to employees to discuss the decision. After the decision … Read more