Foods for the blood flow of your penis

Are you dissatisfied with your erections? You are not alone in feeling this way. Approximately 30 million men in the United States suffer from erectile dysfunction in one form or another. A study on erectile dysfunction found an erectile dysfunction prevalence rate of 52 percent, indicating that a large number of people are dealing with … Read more

Bison pastrami, anyone? Preschool assistant makes sure children learn about indigenous foods

MINNEAPOLIS — Bison pastrami isn’t your typical school lunch, but it’s a crowd favorite at a Minneapolis preschool. Fawn Youngbear-Tibbetts, the seemingly always-on indigenous food coordinator at the Wicoie Nandagikendan Early Childhood Urban Immersion Project, is frequently found tweaking recipes in the kitchen or offering homemade treats like flourless black bean brownies. Youngbear-Tibbetts, a longtime … Read more

Sidekick and Pfizer launch a digital therapeutic solution for atopic dermatitis

Digital therapies firm Sidekick Health has joined forces with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to launch an integrated digital therapies solution for atopic dermatitis (AD). The solution will be rolled out to the UK first, followed by Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Ireland and Japan later this year. This marks the next phase of a growing … Read more

Improve your Strength | healthy UNH

benefits of strength training Have you ever been told that cardio is the best way to lose fat? While cardio can be important, so is strength training. Strength training is any physical movement where you use your body weight or equipment to build muscle mass, strength, and endurance. The types of equipment you can use … Read more

Amazing Foods to Lower LDL Cholesterol – Infographic

Cholesterol is a wax-like substance secreted by the liver that performs various bodily functions, such as maintaining cell membranes and tissues necessary for hormone production and aiding in the secretion of bile. It is abundant in a wide range of animal products. However, if cholesterol levels are too high and become clogged in the body, … Read more

Some states brace for large influx of patients if Roe Falls: Vaccines

Workers at a family planning health center get emotional as thousands of abortion rights advocates march past their clinic on their way to downtown Chicago on May 14, 2022. Scott Olson/Getty Images hide title toggle title Scott Olson/Getty Images Workers at a family planning health center get emotional as thousands of abortion rights advocates march … Read more