Carriers Increase On-Time Performance Again in October

North American airlines’ average on-time performance continued to improve in October, reaching 79.5 percent, up two percentage points from September, according to Cirium’s monthly report.

Six of the eight carriers on the October list showed an improvement over their September performance, except for Delta Air Lines, which dropped one percentage point to 88.3 percent, but still high enough to retain the top spot, and Frontier Airlines, which dropped nearly two. percentage point was 72.3 percent. WestJet didn’t because it didn’t offer the top 20 percent discount on flight frequency, total seats, and available seat miles.

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As of September, all three of the largest U.S. carriers ranked third on the global list of on-time airlines, with Delta third, United Airlines fifth (87.3 percent) and American Airlines ninth (83.1 percent). This is the first time United have entered the top five in any month of 2022, according to Cirium.

The report also showed a 9.84 percent year-on-year increase in the number of completed flights.

The flight is considered on time if it reaches the gate within 15 minutes of the scheduled landing time.

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