Car crashes into Brisbane election office of Federal Labor MP Terri Butler

A vehicle crashed into the Brisbane electoral office of Federal Labor MP Terri Butler.

Ms Butler posted images on Twitter, showing the damage to her office in Greenslopes on Brisbane’s south side.

“No one was hurt. Thank you all for your concern,” he said.

“Police are on the scene. We do not know the status or whereabouts of the driver.”

Police said it is not believed to have been deliberate.

They also said they did not believe the incident was politically motivated.

A group of police officers talking to MP Terri Butler outside her damaged election office
Griffith MP Terri Butler speaking to police outside her damaged office on Thursday.(Supplied)

Police said early signs suggested the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the front of the glass store around 1 p.m., before driving away from the scene.

It is understood that there is CCTV footage of the crash, but police said they will not release it due to the political sensitivity of the incident.

A search is underway for the driver who was last seen heading for Old Cleveland Road.

‘A very big shock’

MP Terri Butler speaking to reporters outside her damaged office
Ms. Butler says the accident was a big shock to her staff. (ABC News: Lucas Hill)

Speaking outside the damaged office, Ms Butler confirmed that none of her staff had been injured and said she hoped the driver was okay.

“It’s quite reassuring given how dangerous this accident could have been,” he said.

“Obviously this is a huge shock to my staff.”

Shattered glass at the vandalized entrance to MP Terri Butler's office
Mrs. Butler says she hopes the driver isn’t hurt.(ABC News: Lucas Hill)

Butler declined to speculate on the cause of the crash.

“We’re really asking people if they know something, to report it to the police and authorities,” he said.

“We just hope the driver is okay wherever he is.”

But Butler said the accident would not derail his re-election campaign.

“Nothing in this election campaign will distract us from the task of defeating Scott Morrison and electing an Albanian government.”

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