Bystanders urged police to attack school during Texas shooting

When an armed teen opened fire in a Texas classroom Tuesday, cops dragged their heels, witnesses alleged Wednesday.

The 18-year-old shooter killed 19 students and two teachers in a shocking 40-minute attack at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. But as the massacre unfolded inside, bystanders yelled at the assembled officers, “Get in there!” according to Juan Carranza, 24, who lives across the street from the school and watched the massacre unfold. scene.

Javier Cazares, whose daughter Jacklyn was killed, stopped at the school while police officers were still huddled outside. As “unprepared” police waited, Cazares said he and others in the meeting discussed taking action themselves.

“Let’s just hurry up because the police are not doing anything that they are supposed to do,” he recounted, “more could have been done.”

Shooter Salvador Ramos crashed his truck near the school and was armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Authorities say he “ran into” a school district security officer outside the building. But reports contradict whether the security officer exchanged fire with Ramos.

After running inside, Ramos opened fire on two Uvalde police officers arriving outside the building. Ramos then barricaded himself inside a classroom and began unleashing a hail of gunfire.

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“It just shows you the complete evil of the shooter,” Lt. Christopher Olivarez of the Department of Public Safety told CNN.

But the fact that Ramos was inside the school for 40 minutes shows the police’s slow response, Carranza charged.

“There were more of them. There was only one of him,” she said.

The cops eventually killed the shooter.

Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw defended the police.

“The bottom line is that the police were there,” McCraw said. “They got engaged right away. They did contain (Ramos) in the classroom.”

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