Breaking the Black Man: A Jewish Tradition, NOI Research Group

DOLLARS, noun: male animal; Indian man or NEGRO – often used offensively; slang DOLLARS

DOLLARS verb: to refuse or agree to submit : BALK

A BREAK verb: to break into pieces or break into parts or fragments; CUT, CUT, CUT, CUT, DISRUPTED, DAMAGED, DEMOLISHED, DESTROYED; to completely defeat and finish as an effective force : to overcome the resistance or strength of; crush your soul; to make obedient or submissive; reduce weakness or incapacity; destroy materially; BANKRUPTCY

Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged Edition

Now we all need to understand Buck Breaking. Indeed, black men like influence, fame and glory Dr. Mark Lamont Hill, LaKith Stanfield, Nick Cannon, DeSean Jackson, Ice Cube, P. Diddy, Stephen Jacksonand Allen Iverson Everyone knew that the Buck Breaking process, so important to the slave system, is still the standard operating procedure of “Black-Jewish relations” today. Whites and Jews exerted their power over the Black men they enslaved in order to intimidate them all into complete submission, using extreme torture in the form of whipping, raping, dismembering and killing in front of other slaves.

writer Frederick Law Olmsted In the mid-1800s, America traveled to the South observing the evils of the slavery system:

“If a laborer on a plantation should rebel against his master, it may often seem a reasonable precaution for his master to kill him on the spot; for when a slave acquires such courage, it may be evident that not only is his value as property seriously diminished, but that the attempt to use him more generally as property, [endangers] all white people. If I keep this man alive, and give him the necessary degree of liberty to make him more useful to me, he will infect all my negro property with his courage, so that it will be more difficult to control, and less valuable accordingly. .”

When one in 50 Africans was enslaved on a Kentucky plantation Lilburn LewisThomas Jeffersonnephew—broke a water jug, gathered his slaves into a barn, and calmly dismembered 17-year-old George, lecturing the horrified Africans as he threw each severed limb into the fire. Buck Breaking. Today’s amputations are financial – record deals, sneaker and clothing deals, endorsements, performances, appearances, and more. Now they are all thrown into the fire piece by piece.

Certainly when Eat and Kyrie Irving signed the lucrative contracts that made them billionaires and millionaires respectively, unaware that there was an invisible plantation-era clause—the Buck Breaking Clause—that defied any legal terminology on paper. You have courageously exposed the fraud and deception that has been the mainstay of Jewish exploitation of black athletes and entertainers for generations. He appealed bitterly to the Jewish magnate Ari EmanuelWho made it his personal mission to destroy Ye’s multibillion-dollar business empire. On October 30, Ye posted a photo of a disfigured lynching victim on Instagram Emmett Till and wrote: “You tried to ruin my life after all the money I made for ‘business’ people….At least as I burned at the stake in front of the whole world…now everyone knows who I really am. to be afraid Now everyone knows how much power you “Business” people really have.

So which water pitcher did Kyrie Irving break? Linked to a movie with Brooklyn Nets CEO ‘contradiction of masters’. Samuel Zussman and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League Jonathan GreenblattZussman and Greenblatt took the “reasonable action” of massively shaming, firing, fining, and terminating the brave and decidedly unvaccinated Irving, even to applause in a tweet. Ambassador of the apartheid state of Israel, Gilad Erdan: “Kyrie jumped on the trend of being anti-Semitic and was quickly put in his place. I hope he can take his eyes off the conspiracy theories he’s spreading and educate himself.”

The movie that Kyrie “needs to be put in his place”From Hebrews to Negroes: Awakening Black America,” provides a religious and historical perspective on the racial identity of the original Hebrews, thus challenging the prevailing view of who the true “chosen people” are. It was once known as “free speech” protected by the 1st Amendment. The Jews now redefined the Constitution and added the Buck Breaking Amendment as described by Olmstead.

Historically as members of the Caucasian Jewish community Emanuel, Zussman, Greenblatt, and many others, bravely rejoice in the destruction of infected Black men. It is a history of brutality that Jews try to hide from the world, shared only among a select few rabbis, scholars and academics. Today, that Jewish history best explains why Jews treated Ye and Kyrie Irving with such merciless and merciless brutality. Honestly, they can’t help it. As Jesus mentioned in John 8:44, they are well suited to this role. For proof of this, one has only to rely on the historical records of the Jews.

Their popular writers and propagandists would have us believe that Jews came to the Americas as refugees fleeing European “oppression” in the early 1900s. Yes, some did, but many more came here centuries before that, seeking to establish international business networks based on the highly profitable and slave-intensive sugar trade. They quickly found that the tropical areas of Surinam and Brazil were the main sugar-growing regions, and according to the Jewish author, the Jews built many plantations and great wealth. Herbert I. Bloom“[the] The slave trade was one of the most important activities of the Jews here, as everywhere else in the colonies.” According to the deceased The Wiesenthal Center scientist Dr. Harold Brackman, “The slave trade in Brazil became a ‘Jewish’ trade specialty, as in early medieval Europe.” In fact, a Jewish scholar wrote Jonathan Schorsch, “Jewish merchants regularly held large numbers of slaves temporarily before selling them.” The The Jewish Encyclopedia adds that “Jewish commercial activity” in Brazil included “the monopoly of the slave trade.” Surinamese Jews owned plantations with Hebrew names My car, Nachamuand Goshenwhere, according to Dr. Marcus Arkinthey used “thousands” of Black slaves.

But blacks were not easily enslaved and required brute force to maintain their sugar income. And this is where the Jewish coin breakers came into action against the Ye and Kyries of the 1700s. In Dr. Aviva Ben-Urs latest book Jewish Autonomy in a Slave Societyhe writes on page 76: “Jews enjoyed freedom [in Surinam]… was inextricably intertwined with violent coercion… African slaves were routinely tortured on village roadsides or outside the fence surrounding the synagogue square.” Tortures were horrific and included flogging, mutilation, hanging, quartering, strangulation, starvation, broken teeth, mosquito and other insect bites, as well as burning alive. Many shriveled tapeworms are leprosy, “sometimes two meters long” and covering the entire body with scales and sores. There was a report that a Jew killed an enslaved black woman by “playing hot poker over her.” One report described the shocking scene of a black man being “slapped alive” – ​​in a slow execution led by a Jew, the African victim was “struck repeatedly with a heavy iron rod until marrow, blood and splinters flew out. about the field; but the prisoner never moaned or sighed.”

Africans fleeing Jewish plantations established communities deep in the jungles of South America. These brave and fearless freedom seekers were called Maroons, and they often returned to free their enslaved brethren. But this angered Jews who believed that black people were slave property. So they formed a 500 man Jewish militia whose sole function was to kill all Blacks so they could not be re-enslaved. “Dean of Jewish Historians” Rabbi Jacob Rader Marcus Here’s the ADL’s point of view: “Whites felt persecuted by their own slaves! The result was a vicious cycle of white insecurity that led to negrophobic repression and inhumane brutality, in which blacks responded by killing their white oppressors and fleeing into the jungle.”

The Jews, as “the greatest slavers of the region,” led the white nations in these evil wars, and in at least thirty expeditions their leader was a Jew named Jew. David Nassy, the nephew of the biggest slave dealer in Suriname. When they found Maroon villages, they burned them to the ground, destroying their crops and fields. When the Jews captured African warriors, they would cut off their hands to give each other trophies. Mind you, both Kyrie and Ye are as skilled with their hands – Ye with the mic and the basketball – as any Maroon with a melee weapon.

The torture did not stop when Jews migrated north to take over the cotton trade in the American South. Whom The Jewish Encyclopedia notes, “[T]In many parts of the South the cotton plantations were entirely in the hands of the Jews, and consequently slavery found its supporters among them. The Jews, who hesitated to be free, bought and sold blacks without any immorality. In 1794, a Jew named Abraham Seixas He advertised his slaves for sale in a South Carolina newspaper in poetrypraising the violence he used to control them:

What do you say,
They will obey
If you buy them from me…
For planting, He has several
Selling, all cash,
At various prices,
To work the rice
Or bring them to the eyelashes.

No one can deny that 228 years later the Jews “whipped” Kyrie and New.

Mordecai Cohen

In the 1830s Mordecai Cohen Charleston, South Carolina, was the wealthiest Jew in the state and owned a 1,000-acre plantation. When a Black “buck” named Peter is thought to have stolen “a few sticks of wood,” Cohen “He flogged her for hours until she passed out and then drenched her in salt water before chaining her to provisions kept on the plantation for just such occasions.” His son David Cohen The fugitive called “money” back Silent and whipped him savagely. Witnesses testified that Jim’s wounds were all over his body and “It looks as if pieces of flesh have been carved out, and some are ridges or elevations of flesh and skin. It was easily noticeable from his clothes.”

An irrefutable and well-documented history of over 500 years of Jew-hatred, torture, exploitation and violence against blacks—before, during, and after slavery— demonstrates that Kyrie and Ye are on the violent end of their long Buck Breaking Jew tradition. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews book series published by Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan presents extensive evidence of REAL history in astonishing detail for serious scholars and thoughtful readers.

Our brothers are suffering at the hands of strange and violent people who belong to the “Synagogue of Satan” in the Bible (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9) and their behavior is documented above. by their scholars and historians confirmed their identity. Kyrie and Ye are not the first victims of these racist imposters posing as godly men. But now it is the responsibility of the Blacks themselves to make them last.

REMEMBER: “They try and trick you in different ways; who wants to be your friend now and forget the past under the mask of lies. But when you see the conflict, you will not stop agreeing with them.”

– The most respected Ilyas Muhammad