Bondi Stalwart The Shop & Wine Bar Gets a Gorgeous Medical-Inspired Makeover

The Bondi institution The Shop & Wine Bar has had a makeover. Husband and wife owners Lucy and Mike Haskas have kept their local community in mind throughout the process, giving the place a European beach vibe as a nod to Mike’s Greek heritage.

“We tried to bring together people who knew us and who could bring that sense of community that is so important to us,” says Lucy. bed sheet. “It was a special experience, and a lot of time and thought went into this renovation. We could not bear to disappoint our customers who have been coming for 17 years, or ourselves, as it is our greatest passion”.

Lucy and Mike met working at The Shop 15 years ago and took over ownership in 2016. “The previous owner was never there, so we took care of everything,” she says. “We fell more and more in love with each other and The Shop and decided this was the path for us. We got married and had two children together, who have grown up in The Shop, and all the regulars have watched them grow up for 10 years. it’s so special. We bought it from the owner and built a little store into what it is today: a great store in many ways.”

Interior designer and stylist Felicity Ng is responsible for the inviting new interiors, which have been designed to feel like “a home away from home” for the beachside community, with Mediterranean blues and earth tones lining the walls and the upholstery

“Felicity tried to create a personal touch in every corner,” says Lucy. “I just knew that she understood our family and the spirit of The Shop very well.”

Pencil drawers have been installed in the bar to store customers’ phones and keys, and a painting of the couple’s eight-year-old son hangs above the kitchen. Local builder JF Projects custom built the shelves and bar.

The small kitchen at the Curlewis Street cafe has also received an update, meaning there is more equipment for Cook Lucy and Chef Adam Wallhausen to work with, and more specialties such as a Vietnamese-style beef curry are on offer.

“I come up with the recipes and the specials,” says Lucy. “I am in love with cooking and reading cookbooks as if they were novels. My mom was a chef, so I think that’s where I got it from. Adam, who is also now a co-owner, has been with us for 10 years and has not only brought consistent, quality food, but ties The Shop together with his warm and welcoming character. I think he literally knows every single person at Bondi and makes them feel like he is his own personal chef or host.”

The daily menu has not changed, although customer preferences can shape dishes over time. The Shop is famous for its sandwiches, which have been on the menu for 15 years.

“They’re that good,” says Lucy. “It’s all about the bread [recipe], which I cannot disclose. I can tell you that a Greek man has been baking for us for all these years. The bread is thick without being too full. Like clouds in your mouth. The BLT sandwich is their best-seller, packed with just the right amount of pickles, cheese, free-range smoked bacon, tomato, and garnished leaves. Other options include meatballs with Italian tomato sauce and cheese, and tuna with egg.

Hearty salads, sharing plates, cheese boards and burgers are also menu staples from day to night, and true to its name, The Shop sells salad dressings, chili oil and candied oils to go. to home.

The wines are natural, lo-fi or biodynamic, from small, family-run Australian wineries. “We try and [find] classic old-school wines in new and adventurous styles, like pét-nats [and] orange wines,” says Lucy.

The wine shop and bar
78 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach
(02) 9365 2600

Mon & Tues 6am–3pm
Wednesday to Saturday 6am–10pm
Sun 7am-4pm

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