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New Disney+ document highlights what a joyous experience making a ‘Star Wars’ movie or show should be.


By Brad Gullickson Published May 14, 2022

Star Wars Explained is our ongoing series where we delve into the latest Star Wars shows, movies, trailers, and news to predict the future of the franchise. This post examines the best takeaways from the recent Disney Gallery documentary: The Book of Boba Fett.

The escuadron Jon Favreau Y david filoni gathered around him at Lucasfilm is warm and welcoming. using these disney gallery documents on Disney+, the Star Wars clan has opened its doors to its audience. We run in and don’t want to leave when the runtime ends. We want to have fun with these people because by all accounts they are throwing a party during every production.

The last disney gallery input centered on boba fett book features numerous sequences indicating an infectious spirit on set. Everyone who works at Lucasfilm seems to understand what an incredible privilege it is to add an extra layer to the sci-fi saga. George Lucas built. The one-hour document features how many smiles and laughs you want to see in one Star Wars Shooting. If we were there, we would be living it. So if we can’t be, it’s good to see those there had the time of their lives. However, it does not make us less jealous.

Highlights of the new boba fett book disney gallery they mostly revolve around this unique joy, but various other parts reveal a thematic intent. Executive producer Robert Rodriguez Get your hands on your favorite action figure and unravel its inner life by drawing it from many other sources. Some you can probably guess. Some you wouldn’t. Let’s dive in and explore some fun takeaways from the Disney+ dig.

The Expanded Universe is critical to the future success of Star Wars.

At the beginning of the document, Favreau discusses how each project requires them to consider previous movies and shows as well as stories from the Expanded Universe. As each project takes off, they put out the comics, cartoons, and books. They look around the boundaries of the franchise, looking for characters that haven’t yet made an impact in live action. That’s why you have characters like Black Krrsantan and Cad Bane in boba fett bookand that’s why you see a translation box on the Mayor of Hammerhead, Mok Shaiz.

At one point, Favreau recalls Obi-Wan Kenobi’s reference to the Clone Wars in A new hope. He underlines how evocative that sequence behaved; how it piqued our curiosity and sent viewers into the trenches of the Expanded Universe as they began to be dug after 1977. Favreau, Filoni and Rodriguez are big kids happily working in a children’s sandbox they never left. The only difference is that now they can pay for all the toys and they’re putting as many as they can into their Lucasfilm game.

Boba Fett is equal parts Conan the Barbarian and Vito Corleone.

In one segment, as Dave Filoni explains how boba fett book is inspired by gangster movies, it also refers to Conan the Barbarian. The young Cimmerian and the clone bounty hunter have a lot in common. They lost their parents when they were children. The trauma sent them down a dark path, but along that path, their love for their parents also encouraged them to make more of what they possessed. Conan strove to be king as Boba now strives to be the Daimyo of Mos Espa.

Boba Fett is also Vito Corleone. He is the immigrant who lands in a new world, desperate to prove himself and establish a loving family after his old one was stolen. Boba Fett hides a hole in his soul. Every chapter in boba fett book it is him trying to fill it.

He is a member of a tribe.

In your trailer Temuera Morrison stands up, reading aloud from a script. As she speaks the words, her voice trembles.

In the light of the fire, the warrior assists him and, fitting the final pieces of hardware to the weapon, raises his slim custom Gaffi staff. He gives it a competent spin and holds it with both hands on his thighs. He gazes up at the stars as his newly transformed silhouette is etched into the glow of the desert planet’s horizon. He is a new man. He is no longer alone. He is a member of a tribe.

The words are from Jon Favreau’s script for Chapter Two. Watching them roll over Morrison’s body as he prepares to move on to the next stage of his process, the makeup chair, is heartwarming. It gives the impression that the actor can immerse himself in Boba Fett in a way that he was never allowed to do with Jango Fett in Attack of the clones. In this brief moment, you see Morrison fully engaged in Boba Fett’s journey. It is inspiring

Lawrence of Arabia played on the set.

Before filming the train robbery in Chapter 2, Jon Favreau showed the crew Lawrence of Arabia. No, not in some cozy theater on the lot. Favreau had the David Lean epic play on the set monitors just before yelling “Action.” Favreau focuses on how the images from the original film attempt to contain control of the scene without allowing the chaos to escalate.

The threat of disaster is everywhere in the sequence, and they hoped to replicate Lawrence of Arabia‘s stimulating anxiety in boba fett book. Your director of photography, dean cundeyclarifies further by saying, “Jon is able to instantly pinpoint a vivid moment that is about something the audience loved in another movie that applies to the world of Star Wars.” If another filmmaker has already had success with a similar moment, why not steal their win and apply it to yours?

Rosario Dawson sees Luke Skywalker.

Perhaps the happiest sequence of the disney gallery doc is witnessing rosary dawson‘s shock to see mark hamill on set In his script, Luke Skywalker’s name is never mentioned. Similar to the mandalorianThe second season’s hoax, rather than the celebrity Jedi name, was the prequel to sidekick Plo Koon. Dawson couldn’t really understand his meaning, but he thought nothing of it until he saw Hamill standing there. The disney gallery The team exceptionally captures the surprise, and it’s a delight.

During the disney gallery episode, you witness the effect of Mark Hamill on the cast and crew. The actor is an icon. His face has appeared on everything from bed sheets to toothbrushes. You are surprised when you suddenly find it in real life. The good thing is that Mark Hamill seems to understand the power of him and happily pleases those who fall under him.

Doug Chiang pilots the N1.

production designer Doug Chiang is legendary. He’s been with Lucasfilm since ILM worked on Ghost. He was a concept artist in the prequels and responsible for the Naboo N-1 Starfighter that brought young Anakin Skywalker to glory during the phantom menaceThe climax.

One of boba fett bookThe small triumphs of is how he brings this design back to the screen, creating a hotrod version for Din Djarin to pilot. Basically, Chiang and his team american graffiti the space car, and it looks cool as hell. Even better, Lucasfilm built a life-size version of the cockpit and placed Chiang behind the stick. As stunned as Rosario Dawson seemed upon meeting Mark Hamill, Chiang seems even more stunned at the chance to sit on the baby she made over twenty years ago. Frankly, we’re excited for him.

disney gallery: boba fett book now streaming on Disney+.

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