Black Friday Roomba deals on Amazon: Combo j7+ on sale for the first time

Update: November 24, 2022, 4:35 pm EST This post has been updated with the latest prices for Roombus sales on Amazon during Black Friday.

Amazon now owns iRobot, so we’re not surprised to see nearly every Roomba on sale on Black Friday. Here are our top picks as of November 24:

Roombas aren’t actually hard to find for sale – but it’s rare to find almost every model on sale at the same time. If you’ve been teetering between the two models and are leaning toward the less-advanced model based on price, the Black Friday Roomba sale might be able to get you a better one in a better price range.

Amazon is one of many retailers (Best Buy, Walmart, and Target are the other big ones) to offer Roomba deals, and aside from a few retailer-exclusive models (like the Roomba i1+ at Walmart), it’s unlikely to be the only Roomba deal. Available in one place. However, if a retailer has the most reliable Roomba in stock, we’d guess that since 2022 marks the first Black Friday since the Amazon-iRobot acquisition.

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Shop Amazon’s Roombus on sale for Black Friday below and check out our list of all our other Black Friday robot vacuum deals.

Any new deals will be marked with ✨ and any Roombuses marked with 🔥 are at their lowest price on Amazon. A fire emoji doesn’t mean that BF sales (or stock in general) won’t disappear between now and Black Friday, so if you see flames, snap them up while you can.

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The first Roomba with a mop on board was a huge deal when it was announced. It’s an even bigger deal that it’s on sale less than two months after its launch in late September 2022. Now under $900 instead of $1,000, the Combo j7+ uses the same precision navigation camera as the regular j7+ to recognize and avoid particularly problematic obstacles, such as pet waste and phone chargers. When the Combo j7+ spots carpet, it stops scrubbing and picks up the mop entirely on top of the vacuum. When the cleaning is complete, the combo j7+ empties itself.

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