BCCI has announced the Last Date for Player Registration as 15th December 2022. Ben Stokes Signed Up.

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The IPL Auction is one of the most important events of the BCCI. At times, the viewership of the auction is higher than the IPL matches. It’s more than just selling players. It also includes many business tactics. BCCI announced the deadline for registration of players in the IPL auction. The announced date is December 15. The IPL auction is scheduled for December 23. Here’s a detailed review:

Last date for player registration for IPL Auction 2022 is 15thc December:

BCCI has officially announced the deadline for all players to register for the IPL Auction. It is 5 o’clock on the 15thc December. This auction is not a mega auction like last time, but it has relatively few players. But this does not mean that the players have no quality. It is a good group of very talented players. Many amazing prospects are expected to sign up. Among the top names who could win big bucks are Sam Curran, Ben Stokes, Joe Root and Cameron Green.

Green is one of the best prospects in this IPL Auction.

“December 15 is the deadline for player registration. We are expecting some top players to sign up. As for the auction date, December 23rd is the fixed date for now. We discuss the requirements of some franchises to advance the date. But there are other factors. We will come to a decision only after discussing with all the interested parties”, said the BCCI official while answering the question about the IMC auction.

Franchise request for IPL auction rescheduling:

The IPL 2022 Auction is expected to take place on 23rdrd December 2022. However, franchisees are expected to request an extension. This is because the IPL Auction is on the Christmas weekend. The coaching staff and board of maximum franchises attract a lot of foreign internationals and Christmas is their off time. And so it was appealed.

Ben Stokes Registers for IPL 2022 Auction:

One of the best all-rounders on the planet, Ben Stokes has signed up for the IPL 2022 Auction. He is expected to make a comeback after 3 years in a row. He is a big match player and his presence can make or break it for any team. Stokes is versatile and therefore adds immense value to any team he is a part of.

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