Baroness Bra, Covid Billions and the Dripping Oil of Sleaze – Guido Fawkes

o hara sketch

Mr Speaker has put an Urgent Question to Angela Rayner to question the Government on multi-billion Covid PPE. This involved £10 billion in total fraud and specific millions embezzled by ‘Baroness Bra’ in the Lords (£29m of which is alleged to have gone into Lady Monet’s offshore Trust with proceeds from the £203m PPE contract). ).

At a time when parliamentary rhetoric has been downplayed, Transport Minister Mark Harper made a sparse, early Thursday appearance in the House that he had a range of options for the stakeholders he works with, laying out his ambitions and refraining from saying what he wants. respect brave champions, courageous champions, true champions and tireless campaigners that further comment is out of place. . . Guido has only praise for the SNP’s Brendan O’Hara for describing the PPE scandal as a “seeking roast”.

People say that it is easy to criticize, but this is far from the truth. “Dripping Flavor” makes a powerful visual work that’s simultaneously beautiful and disgusting. A shiny, fat, slippery carcass is something we instinctively want but our better natures don’t know. O’Hara could have thought that cheaters and incompetents in the Covid contracting process would be more openly criticized with words like festering, festering or excrement. But that would forgive us, his guilty listeners. O’Hara’s testimony touched us all. It blew us away. When thinking about this “dripping rye toast” – who among us has not been reminded of the impulse to get on a plane to China and return with a mask, gown or dental floss that can be delivered as a mask or gown?

For those of us who resist the urge to slurp up the roast and smear its grease all over our faces – us he didn’t if you do, we feel we deserve justice (or revenge, if offered at all).

When Angela Rayner asked the question – Speak for England, Angela! – Confusion had arisen over a parliamentary rule that forbade criticism of certain peers unless they were named on the face of the instrument. He couldn’t crack Lady Mon. He scoffed a bit at the “mediation process” preventing the release of the documents and the fact that it was a small part of the £200m. ten billion pounds government-accepted counterfeit supplies. They tricked him by scolding, that’s the rules.

Christopher Chope pointed out that if we hadn’t spent untold billions on our Covid responses, we wouldn’t be in the financial abyss.

Minister Neil O’Brien described the delivery of £125 million worth of unusable clothes as “contracts underperforming”, in a speech worthy of Mark Harper. Prepaid. There is no penalty for “underperformance”. billions.

We must be crazy. Actually, in retrospect, we probably were.