Baghdad is moving against the Kurdistan region… Oil

Erbil asked the Security Council for an envoy to organize its relationship with him

While the Iraqi Oil Ministry announced yesterday that the federal government is seeking to establish a new oil company in the Kurdistan region, it was announced in Erbil that the regional government had asked the Security Council to send a UN envoy to organize the relationship. between him and the federal government.

The Federal Oil Ministry said in a statement that the objective of establishing the new oil company in the region is to conclude new service contracts with the oil companies that operate there. On May 7, Federal Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar said that the ministry would start implementing the Federal Court ruling issued in February, which found the legal foundations of the oil and gas sector in the Kurdistan Region to be unconstitutional. .

The Oil Ministry said in its statement yesterday that it will take legal action against companies that continue to operate under “illegal production sharing contracts” and those that “do not participate in good faith negotiations to restructure their contracts.”

In addition, the Kurdistan Region Presidency announced that the Security Council had approved a request made by Erbil to send a UN envoy to organize the relationship with Baghdad. The Presidency of the Region said in a statement that “the UN Security Council approved a request presented by the President of the Region, Nechirvan Barzani, to send an envoy to the United Nations, in order to organize negotiations between Erbil and Baghdad to find a fundamental solution to the outstanding issues between the two sides.” He also noted that “the Security Council will issue a draft resolution next week to renew the work of the United Nations mission and discuss the issue in a special session.”

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