Away from big companies? if not Dutton starts with a laughable twist

The new opposition leader is fooling himself and us. The liberals are right in the pockets of big business. It’s the investors who don’t like them.

(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

At his first press conference as Liberal leader yesterday, Peter Dutton made the most startling statement, and the entire press gallery let it pass without comment: “I think the Liberal Party in recent years has distanced itself quite a bit from big business and I want to focus on small business.”

The only coverage the comment garnered was from political journalists who accepted its truth and placed it in the context of Dutton’s stated desire to become the party of small business and the outer suburbs.

The latest claim has been put forward by generations of conservatives: Howard fighters, anyone? — and can wait for another time. But the alleged liberal turning away from big business is not just a bold lie, it goes right to the heart of how the Coalition ended up with fewer than 60 seats.

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