Netflix is ​​hiring for ‘brand-new AAA PC games’ on first-gen original titles

It looks like Netflix is ​​trying to push its gaming business further. The streaming giant recently posted job listings for Game Director, Art Director and Technical Director at its Los Angeles-based studio, as seen first. All introductions mention that they work on “a new AAA PC game”. Additionally, the game director role is detailed, … Read more

Fed: US stocks: Dow, S&P 500 rise as Fed says rate hikes are slowing

Wall Street’s major indexes finished with solid gains on Wednesday after minutes from the Federal Reserve’s November meeting indicated interest rate hikes may soon slow. The minutes show that a “substantial majority” of policymakers agreed that slowing the pace of interest rate increases “is likely to be appropriate soon.” “What equity markets need to see … Read more

Invest in Bold, Progressive Journalism

The struggle for democracy continues as we reach the second half of 2022. As the year progresses, we face lies, corruption and violence. So the fight for America will continue as Senate Republicans try to block the passage of even the most popular measures of the Biden presidency. As prices across the country diverge and … Read more

Peltola, a Democrat, has been re-elected to the US House of Representatives in Alaska

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: U.S. Representative Mary Peltola reacts during a U.S. election night party in Anchorage, Alaska, U.S., Nov. 8, 2022. REUTERS/Kerry Tasker WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Alaska U.S. Representative Mary Peltola, a Democrat who was first elected in August, was re-elected to a full two-year term on Wednesday, defeating two Republicans, former vice presidential … Read more

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Optimism high for Canada entering Davis Cup Finals: ‘We have a chance to win it’

Felix Auger-Aliassime and Denis Shapovalov will be team members again on the international tennis stage as Canada prepares to compete in the 2022 Davis Cup Final from Malaga, Spain. The event will conclude a grueling 10-month tennis calendar in which players from eight different countries compete in a team-versus-team format, culminating in a champion on … Read more